DEADLINE Oct. 31st: 1st CHAPTER/FULL NOVEL Festival. (Watch October Winners)

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DEADLINE Oct. 31st: 1st CHAPTER/FULL NOVEL Festival.

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NOVEL Chapter 2 – Junction Part 2
October 2015 Reading
Written by Cody Schlegel

NOVEL Chapter 4 – Large is the Smallest We’ve Got
October 2015 Reading
Written by Jed Hamilton

NOVEL Chapter 40 – You Can Run
October 2015 Reading
Written by Greg Smith

NOVEL Chapter 5 – The Origin of F.O.R.C.E.
October 2015 Reading
Written by Sam B Miller II

NOVEL Chapter 1 – Emma the Nerd at the End of the World
October 2015 Reading
Written by Cathy Herberg

NOVEL Chapter 1 – Silent Hearer
October 2015 Reading
Written by Marcia Shury

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Roof Top, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Nature, Life

Roof Top
by Patsy Jawo

Get it on the roof top
Otherwise you lose out
The Emerald green grass
Fertile and healing
Grows healthy crops
Sunshine adds its mass
Moonlight coats with finesse
Rain does the nourishment
So get those talents out
Let their rein be visible
The veins of creativity
Will never lie still
And it is not our place
To shut out the light
By closing the drapes
But to wallow in it
The rays of greatness
Let them colour our skin
Tan our minds and soul
Then show off our new look
Gift it to the world
People, places, things
Revel in the sketch
Drawn on the easel
Our life’s blank canvas
Love it, love ourselves
Get on the roof top
Sprinkle our rainbows
Keep all lives shaded
With our unique blend
Of flavours and tastes
A collective blend
Formed from every being

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Appearances. Poetry by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Rhyme, People, Relationship

by Patsy Jawo

I am in business of life not work
Organised with all not victimised
Shadows in turn crop the spectrum
Reflections of projections long lost in battle
Souls in limbo crying, dying, tormented
Salvation a choice not taken yet always waiting
A life of aching, hating and faking not worth living
Taking more than one should and still expecting more
Giving nothing or less than required, still we complain
Being saved and blessed endlessly, no appreciation
Praying only for that which we want, not for the good of all
Ignoring that which we need for vanity, ego and lust
Seeking peer approval and making comparisons when each is perfect as is
Inadvertently lodging cancerous memories who only want to be free
Insisting we know it all when our cluelessness has never been more evident
Hunting, handling and being hoarders of unnecessary information

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True Source, Poetry by Patsy Jawo

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Rhyme, People, Relationship

True Source
by Patsy Jawo

My style, my finesse, my grace
My guile, my invents, my name
No dreams do I thus chase
All my greatest achievements created
Games ever played for the raid
Ah the sweetest investments made
I am my fate, master and king
The captain of this massive ship
Steered and glided along this strip
Of life, love and laughter for eternity
I follow the wind wherever it goes
And cruise with water as he flows
My rhythm, growth and destiny
Converged to atone via music
I now do the totem moon dance
Strictly for free and still spirits
Harmonised as the setting of the sun
No guns, violence, lies or hatred
Plenty puns, shutters and baking
Of buns, cakes, biscuits all in tins
Tasty, shared and delightfully eaten
My flags fly high and soar the sky
My smile brightens up overcast parts

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the bluest cloud, Poetry by Vivien Lin

WILDsound Festival

Genre: death

the bluest cloud
by Vivien Lin

you came and woke me early today

blue traces in your hair

said the wind had smelt just like the sun

said I could find you there

your sunbeam hands tipped them forward the

driftwood of your conscience

ruckled midnight words of the absurd

borderline of nonsense

you are and will be the greatest thing

I lend my night sky to

all my moonlit sighs of dawn’s first light

they all belong to you

you are enthralled by refulgent flames

planets away from me

laughing the records of ’94

your voice above the keys

glass misted with the breath of a boy

a whisper from the breeze

the parts of me that fail to reach you

meander in the sea

    * * * * *

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Halloween Memories, Poetry by Joe Ouellette

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Horror, Holiday

Halloween Memories
by Joe Ouellette

North Winds drive Indigo clouds taking bites out of a ripe pearl moon.
Crisp salads of autumn leaves peppered with road dust
and salted with early snow dress the road.
Porches in glowing pumpkin yellow corn stalks and hay bales
Staging this night of innocent disbelief.

A joyous man with swaying farm lantern
shepherds laughing children in castoffs
Riotous patchworks of fabric, texture and color.
Running house to house.
Faces hidden.
Flashing eyes fool no one.

Tribute demanded in shy and halting style,
freely given accompanied by Shakespearian
“who’s this” and “oh your scary”!
This joyful extortion of bounty,
This wonderful sharing of the night.
Sense the counterpoint of fearful dress and crystal ringing voices
The tingling serendipity of a child’s delight!

Home now… run! The sack is full
Cold and windy evenings build the chill
Only warm milk, a throw and…

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Flame, Poetry by Carolyn Hucker

WILDsound Festival

Genres: Love, Desire

by Carolyn Hucker

You fold me in gentle arms
Warm and loving

Your breath on my skin,
Your heart beats as wild as my own

We move as one
Forgetting the world –
We do not need it
It holds nothing but memory.
Memory is nothing but the past
And we do not need the past
We have now and forever.

Skin to skin burning
Soul to soul flaming
Sun bright eternal
And glorious

    * * * * *

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Demons, Poetry by Casiar Meloy

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Dark, Culture, Humanity

by Casiar Meloy

Gazing into the open gate of hell

the literal abyss of Hades

With its jagged canines from the ground clenched in meeting

of the stalactites trickling down an acidic saliva

in motion to bite with the deadliest mastication

The acrid stench invading the lungs with every stagnant breath

lingering close to penetrate nostrils

Trying to suffocate the mind into action, panic

Time is endless and doesn’t exist

bearing the illusion of importance in the insignificant

The mouth is hungry for raw flesh

In want of emotion and the destruction of the feelings created

beyond the questions of meaning or individual interpretations

A cavern of retreat for the cheapest of souls

Blocking out all light with an overwhelming sense of dread

No fire ablaze to guide the wanderers, lost and searching for

an escape within the darkness

Desperately feeling their way into the…

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Fallen Knife, Poetry by Gokul Baby Alex

The journey of a knife

That fell upside down

Out of its tainted edges

On a melting pot of love and life

In a state of inverted coma

Genre: Nature, Observation

Fallen Knife
by Gokul Baby Alex

The journey of a knife

That fell upside down

Out of its tainted edges

On a melting pot of love and life

In a state of inverted coma

Ten seconds before it could groove

A meaningful mist over the grass

Piercing through the foams of lust

Reached the wicked wounds of a heart

Of a cloudy mind, of an ellipsis creature

Caused no ache to the veins and vessels

Wrapped up in a silence, outside its mystic

Carried it away, carved it nice and plotted large

A picture so poisonous that only the wound is left

To cry foul on the flesh of its appetite

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