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The Numb Vessel, Poetry by Susie G. Carmichael

Genre: Life, People How can I write what I feel when i dont feel a thing. I am into dope music, but by myself, is when i sing to beautiful metaphors, raw lyrics, and melodic symphonies. That’s why I want … Continue reading

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Sometimes, Poetry by Micheal Ace

Genre: Society, Rhyme Sometimes I know the sky is not happy But I besiege them to hold back tears Sometimes I buy myself some fancy wears For how you appear tags you a price Sometimes I know the universe is … Continue reading

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UNDER THE POURING RAIN, Poetry by The Surrealist

Genre: Rhyme, Life Our love for sure was a suppressed story Chained in complete clandestine, While the stars giggle as we found snugger in each arms While the moon fortified our path through a wonderful love While the dark skies camouflaged … Continue reading

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Fontanelle, Poetry by David Leo Sirois

Genre: Rhyme, Life   Fontanelle Clocks have been stripped from all walls as well as all forgotten gods in an orchestrated effort to disorient us all   in the cylindrical silver corridor where time abides in its own loneliness almost … Continue reading

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Gone, Poetry by minusthecynic

Genre: Religion, Inspirational Gone:  Goodbye opportunity to set the record straight  Farwell comfortable silences , whispered and screamed love songs to Jesus in attempts to beat the  summer heat  Long dreary days  Tear stained eyes  Hard to deal with attitudes and personalities larger than life  Differences of opinion, divergent paths we walk on  Yet there is love between us buried amidst this madness  And that’s why it aches so much inside my heart  Cos there is no turning back the hands of time  I will never get that period back again  When I could have filled in the blanks  Told you all those things you didn’t know about me  I don’t think I ever will  Even if I get the chance  Cos there are some things you are better off not knowing  Even if problems become halved when we distribute them out amongst your blood and flesh  Why would I want to make your life more difficult by struggling to summon up the love required  In response to my situation  I’d rather not make your life a simulation of a living hell  Far better for you to continue on with your life in happy smiling ignorant bliss  Than to possess the knowledge that your own kindred has done something dreadful  Trespassed upon the unthinkable boundary  Crossing the threshold into the dark realm of undiscovered country that should have remained  Unkempt and free of exploration by absolutely anyone  My soul was cannibalized and colonized like a colon cancer  And I do not possess the answer within me  As to why I would allow my mind to become deceived in this way  Yet that is the biggest reason why our time has been thieved so rapidly  Why I find myself desperately rushing my words hoping to create some semblance of normality  In the way the two of us relate      Even if you think my mentality is out of date  You never said as much to my sweet and sour indulging face  You never completely gave up on me  … Continue reading

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Ophelia; from Isolation to Desolation, Poetry by Bicky Saikia

Genre: Minimalism Shredded heart bleeds blue high and isolated she is her own muse. Sinking in whisky  headed up to desolation, betrayed yet easy to wield, standing next to misery. She is ophelia Belongs to a forbidden town. a victim … Continue reading

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spiritual cold war, Poetry by David Steven Twist

Genre: Political, Satire I’ve tried to invoke a spiritual counter measure to Coke Cola stealing a saint as a brand  ambassador by resurrecting the spirit of Edgar Alan Poe to fight the fizzy drink  The Rix The Rix rapped rapidly … Continue reading

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