Read Poem: POETICS, by Ram Krishna Singh

Genre: Creativity


The hole between words is vaginal
if the mind could penetrate

the seed won’t question age
inside the lines it crackles

with orgasmic pleasure
meanders through the tunnel

from first breath to oblivion
stays erect, liberates the text

— Ram Krishna Singh

Read Poem: SUNDAY, by WP Newnham

at sea Sunday

with easterlies predicted

but easy 15 knotters with

my gun crew of old school

and new- my old girl is ready

and welcomes me back with arms

out-stretched in a cornucopia of harvest


sea birds call to me at the wharf and

riding easterly winds, they glide all geo-

stationary looking me in the eye saying












they wait for me

and the harvest is at the birds!

Read Poem: Today, by Anthony Dalton

It begins all over again
(maybe it continues;
I never quite know).
The day breaks
your smiles awakes
and my strength returns
as I feel my love flow.

I watch you
And I feel…
…so much…
What is it? This warmth,
This joy, that makes
my blood surge at the thought
of your touch?

Could I have been dreaming? perhaps I’m still asleep.
Are you a wraith, not real?
But I know…
I feel
This dream must be true
Because…yes – I love you –

Read Poem: EPIC, by Pat Connors

My feet

Set squarely in

The present

My eyes

Firmly focused on

The future

The narrow way

Seems dangerous and hard

Wrought with strife

And lonely

But, when not absorbed in

Seeming circumstances

Or caught up in

wavering from




It merely becomes

The surest, shortest distance

Between two points

The past has passed

The present


But a fleeting gift

I will hold out for

The future

And trust in

What it brings

Read Poem: I Know What Love Is, by Viv Drewa

I know what love is
It’s when you hold hands
And your hearts dance round and round
Then fly to the heavens.

I know what love is
It’s when you kiss
And your souls dance round and round
Then fly to the heavens.

I know what love is
It’s when you make love
And your spirits dance round and round
Then fly to the heavens.

I know what love is
It’s when one of you pass away
And your hearts, souls, and spirits
Dance no more.

Read Poem: It is Written, by Paulos Ioannou

It is written that Adam and Eve were kicked

out of paradise to pain and suffering

because Eve enticed Adam to

taste the fruit from the tree of knowledge.

This is simply a misapprehension

made by prudish patriarchs.

Adam looked at Eve and found her good.

Overwhelmed by her beauty

a great longing took over his senses

and committed concupiscence.

He did not need to consume the fruit from the tree

to know the good thing lying next to him.

Eve’s earthly smell, well developed hips

the round pointy breasts were so potent

he decided that it was much better to

hold her in his embrace and enjoy sex

rather than sit around in Paradise

taking care of god’s garden.

Adam may have been innocent

but he was not stupid.

Read Poem: Meat, by Autumn Walker-Duncan

Like your holocaust,

We are led to the slaughter.

Food and drink at a cost,

Your milk is taken from sons and daughters.

Ribs and racks,

Straight from our backs.

But it doesn’t stop there,

For food so fine,

You put your own people through wear,

Standing at the line,

Working for the perfect rind.

In a cold fridge they labor,

8 to 12 hours a day,

Oh what a bore,

All their days just wasting away.

And for what?

A taste of my butt?!

Enjoy my meat,

But while you eat,

Just remember the sacrifices,

As you gnaw on our carcasses.

Read Poem: PANTOMIME HORSE, by Denise Buckley

When I was young I often dreamed of being a star of stage.

An actress with a name that would hit the world with force.

I joined a group and soon I auditioned for a part or two.

Eventually I was offered – the rear of a pantomime horse.


I learned the moves and put my heart and bottom into the part.

Practising our four – legged act with grace (boy I was keen).

We learned to move in tandem, raised money and a laugh,

And everyone applauded the best rear of a horse they’d seen.


In the meantime, I made tea and coffee for the group, 

as I was never given a part until winter of the year.

It wasn’t the rear of a panto horse that I achieved, oh no!

but now a goose, because they knew that I could wiggle my rear.


So, I wiggled and walked across the stage full feathered for the season.

Spitting, gaggling and laying eggs to the amusement of all to see.

I chased the baddies and helped the goodies and soon it was all ended.

I took off my feathers and stood up tall but all that was left – was me!


As years passed I played them all, from cats to cows and donkeys.

Wriggling into my costumes twitching whiskers through the course.

My fame grew well, I was first choice, but my face they never knew.

Because I was only famous for being the rear of a pantomime horse.


Now I’ve retired, I’ve done my bit, and hung my skins and feathers

And watch the others play the donkey, goose, horse, cow and cat.

I know you have to start somewhere, and it’s usually at the bottom

But I never thought for a minute that they meant it quite like that.

Read Poem: You touch my soul, by Gary Claassen.

Feel my heart as the sun softly sets,
it has found the rhythm of your breath.
Listen to the wind as my soul sings,
for it breathes a gentle song of life.

Watch my eyes as you take my hand,
they know not but to whisper our song.
Light love’s candles with your smile,
and we shall pass through life as one.

© Gary Claassen.2018