Read Poem: THE CEREMONY, by Stephen Ross

The medicine drank clearly, the journey afoot
Down into my belly, I gladly partook
Mystical voyage, from under the sea
And up to oblivion, my soul be set free

Delicate dances and rhythms abound
Swimming through music, the spirits were found
A song to my sister, in absolute bliss
Dismissed relative madness, with the tenderest kiss

Stared right at my demons and gave them a hug
Expelled from my system, aboard voluptuous chug
Through rapture forthcoming, this voice from the heart
My wolf bellowed wildly, tearing weather apart

Then low as a river, guiding splendid refrain
And out the forgiver, once fully explained
Dear loving survivor and glider of love
This vessel so special, when steered from above

Dipped once into heaven, and twice into me,
Third time into honey, released victory
Intentions becoming, through gentlest embrace
Manifesting the blessings, a smile on my face

That panther inside me, rested easy on hearth
An owl prowled outside Lee, perspective so smart
Guided back to my person, rebirth started anew
Earth spurted deep visons and through them I grew.

Conducted the weather, energetic symphony
Through channels forthcoming, our world be set free!!

Together in kindness, administered plain
Come back now together and call out my name

Beautiful hew, man!
Being means dreams xx

FAN FICTION Best Scene Reading of THE LAST CAMPOUT, by Mike Meade

FAN FICTION Film and Writing Festival

Genre: Drama, Thriller, Horror

Five friends on a campout in the Pacific NW are stalked by an unknown killer.


Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
Chelsea: Val Cole
Anthony: John Fray


Producer: Matthew Toffolo

Director: Kierston Drier

Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne

Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Camera Op: Mary Cox

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May 2018 HORROR Stories, Screenplays, and Short Films

Festival for HORROR


festival posterTUESDAY 10:08AM, 13min., Canada, Crime/Mystery

festival posterPREY, 13min., UK, Thriller/Horror

festival posterCHERI, 6min., France, Thriller/Suspense

festival posterCONSURGO, 12min., USA, Thriller/Suspense

festival posterMARY & MARSHA IN THE MANOR OF MADNESS, 3min., USA, Animation

May 2018 Reading
by Mike Meade
ACTORMIRRORS – Under 5mi. Short Screenplay
May 2018 Reading
by R. Harris Smith
ACTORTOUCH – Best Scene Screenplay
May 2018 Reading
by Scott Timmins
May 2018 Reading
by R.G. Renauld



Producer/Director: Matthew Toffolo

Festival Moderators: Kierston Drier, Shepsut Wilson
Casting Director: Sean Ballantyne
Editor: Kimberly Villarruel

Festival Directors: Mary Cox, Rachel Elder, Natasha Levy

Camera Operators: John Johnson, Isabal Cupryn, Aser Santos Jr., Zack Arch

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HIGHLIGHTS: June 2018 Web Series Festival

TV Screenplay Festival. Submit Today.






Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterSOUNDS OF FREEDOM, 5min, USA, TV WEB SERIES/Drama

festival posterHEINOUS GIRLS, 5min., Canada, TV WEB SERIES/Comedy

festival posterCOOL GIRLS “HOW TO THROW A GIRLS NIGHT OUT”, 8min., Canada, TV WEB SERIES/Comedy

festival posterCROW’S PEAK, 4min., USA, TV WEB SERIES/Animation/Comedy

festival posterLEGAL FOX: A TASTE OF TRUMP, 3min., USA Drama/Comedy

festival posterOTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN, 5min., USA, TV WEB SERIES/Comedy

The theme of the June 2018 WEB SERIES FEEDBACK Film Festival in Toronto was “Invisible Obstacles”. Every single film was about characters needing to overcome conflicts that really didn’t exist..

Web Series are the now and future of media and film festivals. So I was very honored to show 6 of the best TV webisodes in the world today. The great thing about this festival is that there is more to come for…

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HIGHLIGHTS, WINNERS & VIDEOS: June 2018 Horror/Thriller FEEDBACK Film Festival

Los Angeles feedback film festival







Watch the Audience FEEDBACK Videos:

festival posterBEAST, 20min., Australia, Thriller/Film Noir

festival posterTHE LETTERS, 18min., UK, Thriller/Drama

festival posterSTALKER, 7min., Czech. Republic, Horror/Thriller

festival posterGORGE, 3min., USA, Horror

festival posterABOVE THE MIST, 8min, Canada/South Korea, Horror

festival posterTHE DOLLMAKER, 10min, USA, Horror/Fantasy

festival posterADDICT, 15min, Israel, Horror/Comedy

festival posterIT BEGAN WITHOUT WARNING, 6min., USA, Horror

The theme of the June 2018 HORROR/THRILLER FEEDBACK Film Festival in Los Angeles was “Sins”. Every single film was about a world and/or characters dealing with sins and conflicts of the past.

This is the festival that I’ll always remember because I consider it the turning point of the Los Angeles FEEDBACK Film Festival. It wasn’t the easiest event to get through for the crew, but they grinded it out and produced the best night we’ve had so far in…

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Read Poem: Testimony, by Michelle Owusu

You called me by name
You called me daughter
When I forgot your name
You remained My Father

You spoke wisdom and I noticed I was naked
You sent me Comfort, when I couldn’t make it
You used humour to bring me joy
You gave me hope; more hope than any boy.

You gave me faith that made me calm
You gave me a peace to brave the storm
You gave me encouragement to make lemonade
You gave Your Son; the light in my shade

You grabbed my hand and showed me Our dreams
Before I felt a dying thirst, you led me to your Your living stream.
When I spoke death, you spoke life
I’m waiting for your return Papa, for when you marry your bride.

Read Poem: BACK HOME, Michael Lawrence

(Poem for Don McCullin)

Back from the wars, a veteran
of ten thousand images of massacre,
rape, disease, despair, every horror
known to and devised by man dutifully
recorded in every dung-heap, shit-hole,
rat-infested pocket of the world:
the fly-pestered faces of wide-eyed orphans,
naked screaming babes,
gaunt cadavers in shallow graves
uncovered by the rains, soldiers
pirouetting over trenches for posterity,
women in rags, the old, the middle-aged,
the young – some, in these perfect compositions,
as beautiful as fashion models for other cameras,
back home.

Back home,
an old stone house, darkroom down the path,
a different kind of perfect composition:
moody studies of tumbling English skies,
the rain and sun on English oaks, sane,
controlled, serene – yet haunted, scarred,
smeared by all those gritty, grainy years,
the stench of burning flesh,
the empty eyes that never knew tomorrow,
the tortured, the savaged, the sundered;
that other world,
shoved aside but never quite forgotten,
of innocents ground down into this bloody earth,
blood-saturated earth, that we call civilised.

The photographer has come home.
But he rarely smiles.


What I Thought, This World Today
Is Not That World, I Expected
Reigns of Rulers, Years Rolled
Rules Have Gone, it’s Dictators Era ǁ

Confrontations and Conflicts Still In Vogue
There Is No Day without a Conflict
Combats Have Become Order Of The Day
Intra-Country Combats Are the Regular Features ǁ

No Day Left For Inter-Party Conflicts
Whole World Watches Ongoing Combats
Who Support Whom, For Support and Sanctions
World Combats Sure, A Day Is Not Far ǁ

War Like Conflict, Looks to Be Common
People Suffer Due To Power-Sake Rule
Value to Life, No Country Thinks
War May Erupt, Can Lead to Casualties ǁ

People Gave Power, To Rulers to Rule
People Gave Power, To Keep the Environment Good
People’s Ambition, Enact the Rule
Peoples Aspirations, Hope To Be Good ǁ

Misunderstandings and precipitations are often seen
Who is not great, as said and done?
All countries are great, as countrymen feel so
Dangers are seen through terrorism strikes ǁ

People are hit and killed through wars of terrorism
Countless casualties in war hit zones
Epics and diseases hit the people for long
Properties get damaged and never recovered in life ǁ

Lives and property hit through chemical bombings
Normal life dislocates throughout the world
Lost economy never regains for decades
Hopeless conditions people have to confront ǁ

Governments collapse over the years
Peoples’ sufferance’s lead to epidemic diseases
Wiseman decisions lead to avoidance of conflicts
Ceasefire agreements can stop combats for a breathe ǁ

Judgments and decisions are good for peace
Who blames who, is the point of thought
Policies and governance are the duty of government
Efficiency of Rulers prove the handling of situation ǁ