Read Poem: Be Balanced by Olwyn Williams

Be playful.
Be bold, brave and balanced,
So you can float to new heights
Above the tree’s canopy to see your fears made small
Against the expanse of the full forest tall,
Trees reaching, competing,
Breathing , releasing.

Be comfortable.
Find the edges of your comfort
So you can gently nudge them out,
Coax them into stretching
Until they encompass the world wide
and all the skies.

Be relaxed and supported.
Float, don’t swim.
Trust that you are
Just where you need to be.
Be filthy footed and wet with sweat
Don’t prune yourself just for appearance sake
nor anybody’s random order.
Be grounded, like a tree,
Though mobile like a breeze.

Be as wild or as quiet as you need to be .
Be what you feel and do as you please.
Be at ease in the your skin, be at peace in your mind,
Let your soul to fly where it will at night
When in bed you lie.
Heed your dreams, my sweet, for so much they do reveal
And let your fears go, as you swing from branch to branch
Until they are lost
and far out of sight.

Read Poem: TIDES by Stephanie Annis

The world is hard, cold, and dark.
The light fights with the night.

Sun, moon, and stars we see from afar.

The distance makes them small.
Sometimes, they look like they could fall.

Mystery is mystical.
Intriguing, uniquely full.

What is with this night?
I’m itching for a fight.

Maybe it’s just the tides.
They can create great divides.

Magic from the gods.
Secrets that make us odd.

Truth in all we see.
Truth in you and me.

Read Poem: Love story of differences by Varun Khullar

She left me for my failures

I left her for my success

She gave me the way to escape my ego

I gained my solace

But the fate laughed

In return she was pierced with hatred and sadness of my traits

Our story was incredible, fascinating, mesmerising

But was awarded us with parting our feelings

Read Poem: Showering When You Have Depression by B

the girls, flocked together like a gaggle of geese, turned towards me as one and seemed to sneer with their eyes, the way some smile with theirs.

i simply looked back, and wished my body would disintegrate into little dust mites and disperse into the air vents

i kept asking myself that day, that week, why people kept looking at me.
might have been the smell

Read Poem: Intentions and a Poem by Aicha Yassin

Today I will just speak to you
about the sound of the water falling,
and of the yellow, dry cattails
that break under my footstep
when I’m sitting down
to see the sun

Tomorrow I will tell you
of the swallows soaring
in the sky, to which i raise my gaze
abandoning the pen that
writes the poem of today,
making it a yesterday.

and yesterday I have already written
you a poem:
it’s pinned next to the door
so you won’t forget to smell the jasmine
while walking out to the world.

Read Poem: I OWE YOU by Abdul Basit Sayeed

Those beautiful moments

Which we lived together

Which we rejoice together

I owe you

The time of absence

The time of anxiousness

The time of togetherness

I owe you

The smile you gave

The lap you gave

The clap you gave

I owe you

Those caring hands

Those sharing hands

House made in sands

I owe you

I owe you

Read Poem: Taking back my power by Trinisha Browne

tonight I will, do the ground work in order to harvest good fruits as I prepare to plant these seeds, I think of each time a lie was planted in me to hinder my thought process from progres and stunt my growth
and thinking abilities to unlearn and discern a lie,
I rise above the madness despite the matter, only the truth matters and the lies leaves us scattered

I will learn from the past mistakes and be cautious of who and what I allow into my sacred place. mindful and aware of the influence it has on me and the power to interrupt my flourishment. A lot depends on me and whom I chose to be spiritually involved with meanwhile constantly evolving and not disregarding the revolution and the power it possesses.

Read Poem: Digital Generation Apocalypse by Jane A Tenzin

We live in a digital generation
Social validation on a count of likes and commendation
Swipe left and right till eyes goes dry
Checking every filtered manipulations
Hitting likes without a content
Replacing words with emojis killing literature
Attaching aimless hashtags
Faking and stalking through the unfiltered lens
Flashing gold to stand out from the rest
We live in a Make believe world
Spends time in a internet loop hole
Rarely making a real communication
Distracted from the reality
Exhausted, disillusioned, diluted in a social fascination
Chained in a rhythm of diversion
Constant call for a digital Apocalypse

Read Poem: SCHOOL by Jeremy Azanon

School is a place where we have to pay attention to teachers.
School is where freedom ends.
School is where Ms.Jenny makes us learn non-important stuff.
School is where Math with Mr.John turns into us dying slowly of boredom.
School is where Science with Ms.Olivia explains stuff more than letting us do experiments.
School is where P.E is where Mr.David makes us stand around and wait for 20 minutes.
School is where Social Studies we have silent work time but we are never silent.
School is where our Reading teacher makes us read non-important books.