Read Poem: CONFIDENCE REMINDER, by Ingrid Gilbert

Allow me to remind you a little something about confidence, now can I:

Confidence starts by action making;
Then evolves in a deep rooted feeling;
And eventually becomes a part of your entire being.

Hence you start taking action,
You witness the confidence slowly but surely fulfilling your entire being,
And then not only will you feel confident, you will be confident.

And through it all, keep reminding yourself that you got this.
You know why?
Cuz you fucking got this!

Coach Ingrid
Confidence Queen
Success Coach, Goal Setting Specialist
❣️ Dare to be U, in order to do U
🗣️ #screamyastoyoursuccess


Read Poem: MY HOUSE SOUNDS LIKE A SHIP, by Ray Blaze

As I lay in bed resting my youth,

I hear the walls crackling around,

Escaped seconds are profound,

Mark Twain saved me a minute;

My rooms falls on the yard,

Nearby the trees bruits growing,

The hard wind beats by milliards,

Mark Twain our houses are alike,

Should a flood descend on land…

I’ve been prepared for … an ocean,

My house shall be my ship!


Read Poem: FLEETING, by David Desmond

“On the Way to Work” Collection

They flitted and flirted,

Here and there,

up in the air.

Lovers they are, friends forever.

He follows her. She just goes where she may

Oh, how fun is this game they play.

Life is! Love is!

How fleeting is the moment.

Daedalus loved his son with the wisdom of keeping from going too high.

Did no one love this lover with the wisdom of keeping from going too low?

Low over the roadway they swoop.

She rises again. He begins to follow.

Against the angled glass he hits.

Is Icarus reborn?

Straight up in the air her lover rises.

And as feathers fall from his wings,

to Earth he descends.

The sweetness of death completes his journey.

I wonder what Daedalus did over his broken son?

When my mother died, my father became a lost puppy dog.

Fifty-three years of marriage supplanted with a new love, fifty-three weeks yet to have passed.

So fleeting is life, the warmth of summer, the love of the beloved.

She perched on a branch and chirped for a moment.

He lay lifeless in the road, what remaining feathers fluttering as other cars pressed onward.

Then she was gone, on her way to discover…

another lover.

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