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In an overcrowded world, where billions of people are in close connectivity with each other through print or electronic media, it seems paradoxical that loneliness has become a rapidly growing malady of the 21st century. 1,014 more words

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Disenfranchised grief is grief experienced by an individual that is not openly acknowledged, socially validated or publicly observed. The loss experienced is real, but survivors are not accorded the “right to grieve” by anyone around them. 489 more words

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The 16th Century Entrepreneur Who Created the Concept of the Taxi — Successful Lifestyle Blog

The 16th century was a time of amazing transformation in Europe. The Dark Ages were gone, the Black Plague had run it course and Middle Age fears and superstitions were slowly disappearing. 723 more words

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The Mimosa By The Tracks, by Rudra Vaidya

Maybe it was protected,
By the defence mechanism it had devised.
Or maybe it wasn’t protected,
And just grew ill advised.
Every time the train thunders past,
It wilts with all it’s might
It’s not surrender, it’s not defeat,
This is just how it knows to fight.
Did the train and the tracks,
Rattle up it’s insides?
And did the generated gust of wind,
Drown it in it’s tides?
Don’t wilt so much, stand your ground.
Said all the shrubs beside it
It said it’d try, but it never could.
It’s inherent nature denied it.
It’s a thing to wonder.
A conclusion I cannot reach.
Maybe that’s the thing to learn here.
That’s the thing to teach.
Does the mimosa keep wilting
For it is courage, that it lacks?
Or is it just the bravest thing in the world?
For growing by the tracks?

Rudra Vaidya
Genres: Life, Courage, Philosophy, Never-give-up, Hope, Uniqueness

Outside My Window, by Vivian Zems

the tv has been cruel to me lately,

with more and more bad news

about the numberless souls

who have departed

in droves

in torrents

leaving behind a deluge

of grief

and sorrow

Pushing the living

into an abyss of indescribable despair

….forcing the marriage of engaged thoughts

I don’t know what to do

and I feel guilty

because I’m overwhelmed

by having to stay indoors

bored and even more bored

and slightly anxious about the future

while I protect my heart

from the pain that hovers

just outside

my window

Not a king, by Yamini Rana

I’ve pulled,
I’ve held,
I’ve been the lead.

With no vices,
and no dices,
Benevolence, I bleed.

For I need no bling,
as I am no king.
For I break and make,
and weave worthy kings!

Call me right hand,
Call me hidden hand,
But I am powerful ‘The Hand’
As I foresee,
and I fore-plan,
But the crown never do I land.

As I was a king
not long way back,
Best and Just of all
that I must add.

So I know a king has his might,
with a lot of knights by his side.
But a Maker, I am ‘The Bright’
with unique sight working day-night.

As I want no throne,
I want no peak,
So I stepped aside,
my worth, I seek.

As why be selfish
and be the only great one?
As I can make many great kings
when I’ll be through and done!

For I give wings to many other,
And I am no king
But a KingMaker.

Where do we go from here? The Covid Diaries, by Nichole McIntosh


Monday Morning Musings of a Healing Arts Practitioner.

Where do we go from here?

As talk now turns to what we do next.

We cannot help but ponder what is best.

Ease up the restrictions too early to boost the economy?

Or “grit and bear it” for the sake of humanity?

Where do we go from here?

Never has strong, effective leadership mattered more.

History will not be kind to those leaders who see it as a chore.

We will remember the leaders who showed courage and decency.

We will hold to account, with contempt, the leaders who fail to perform their duties effectively.

Where do we go from here?

Who knows for sure?

We are, to use a cliche that will forever be associated with covid-19, in unprecedented times.

Where do we go from here? Living better, humble, fulfilled and dignified lives.

Nichole McIntosh FRSA

Unrequited love, by Elizabeth Kagai

I’m not so acquainted with the language of love,
So when you went off topic, you lost me

I fell,
Fell in love,
Fell for you

But worst off,
Lost my eyes in yours,
Not so sure yours in mine!

It’s like I gave myself,
Gave myself up,
Gave myself to you,
Not so sure what I wanted in return,
Not knowing it should be a mutual feeling,
That I was to get something in return

I became selfless,
Selfless to a point of losing self,
Losing self to the selflessness I had inflicted on self

Or maybe losing self to you,
You and the trust I gave,
Trust that you couldn’t let self go,
Trust that you’d hold on tight,
Trust that you’d know how to take care of self
Trust that I’d never thought you’d break

Countless times I had to convince,
Convince myself that I was on script,
Convince myself I had everything under control,
Convince myself that I deserved the cold
Convince myself that “the hand that giveth is the hand that receiveth”
And all for what?

Maybe all I need to do is get up,
Dust myself of the fall,
Teach myself that I am worth,
Worth fighting for,
Worth more

And that you went off,
Off topic,
Off script,
You should have stuck to the script,
Stuck to your own lane

And that I was just lost,
Yet to be found,
Found by anyone who accidentally passed by the lost and founds,
Anyone better than you,
Anyone but you!

Anyone would be better than you!

Affection Affair, by Unforgiven

It touches me to feel it
Touches me to feel the love
Offered for free
By people who understand its meaning
Is pretence worth it?
You don’t want to be loved?
Disgrace to you that extinguish
The sparks that light up someone’s heart
You that shatter dreams
You that end lives
You that make up excuses
Not to be with some one that loves you
Because you didn’t feel like it?
Because they didn’t have money?
Because they didn’t have the height?
Because it didn’t satisfy you?
Because you were afraid of being dumped?
These insecurities make up lust
Lust for other human beings.
Lust for people who will end up
Hurting the heart you dearly protect
And leave you desperate
You will end up giving advice to
The ones
In the budding stages of TRUE LOVE
Who value its worth.


CLAP, by Darell J Philip

Windows opened
Mum and I screaming at the top of our…
You know, that organ which
Mr Corona makes the point of his attack
Our voices in unison with the carnival of faces
Hand clapping together among our block
For those brave front liners
Robed in white and blue
Their lives risking for Queen and Country
For me and you

A sign in a window reads
Hang in there Hackney
Locked down, stuck in isolation
Longing to be free
Hooting and beeping cars drive by
An outpouring of love filling the illuminous sky
Dethroning Mr Corona from his royal seat
His nasty legacy we will surely defeat

An unusual crescendo took place that night
The community together an awesome sight
It was to everyone’s most absolute delight
To see Mr Corona given a most chilling fright
For all the lives he’s cruelly taken away
For all those families we kneel and pray
Our frontline heroes – relics of the past
For you we clap knowing this too shall past

The morning after the night before
A bright smile beams across the sky
As a reminder of that glorious day soon to come
When from this earth with angel’s wings
We take off and fly.

(C) Copyright 2020, Darell J Philip, Clap