Read Poem: STAND GOD (GUARD), by ​Kelly G & Mask Intel

It’s a spiritual warfare going on they wanna take away our essence.
If you don’t know what your essence is than how can you protect it?
You first have to be mindful of how you can be affected,
then trace it to the cause so you can prevent from being defected.
Love is the essence of your being,
that indispensable feeling that can never be rejected,
that’s why they want to infect it.
Planting viruses instead of planting seeds so they can wreck ship (shit);
casting spells instead of casting light, basic principles of the matrix.
So let’s face it…the devil will try to destroy love and use hate to replace it,
but love is so strong can’t nothing erase it.
Don’t get me wrong, trouble times can shake it,
but the struggle will only redefine and reshape it.
So don’t let the devil shape-shift your essence into the matrix,
leaving you complacent.
Feeding you lies so you can’t see the basics.
Seek out the truth and you will see it’s all make-shift.

Author: Kelly G & Mask Intel


Author: poetryfest

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