Read Poem: THE KEY, by Ileana Andrea Gómez Gavinoser

“They lock me up with a thousand chains;
they forget I’m the key”

– Anonymous

the key suspended like a pendulum

the lock that leaves an air of light in the silence the key

through locks

are forgotten

that my bruised heart has arteries and cranks

that my hefty lung has holes to breathe

and that with your fingers


secret graphics that are the unconscious opening of the symbols

of the cryptic mysteries of sleep

and with fingers without illegitimate locks I open the doors

that should be closed as in eternal deafness

for me that’s why I take the devil from the tail I squeeze the silence

I turn the key

(everything is a perfect combination)

I just need to know what they think

(everything is a perfect prison and there is no perfect crime)

Errarum humanum est

I turn the key

I just need my unconscious

that dream that only comes at night vigil

with closed eyes

with wide eyelids

Stealthily awake we’re all awake for Alice to turn the key

and open the doors one by one

even with stumbles even with ears that do not listen

but inside always inside is the hand that turns the key

and remove the taboos

the precise orders

Always inside is the key the enigma

and finally the dream


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