Read Poem: Water, by Diana Hockley

Essential to the life force.
In paintings depicted as violent, serene, sparkling,
Why then wasted?

Needed by mankind to mature the harvest of the earth,
Allowed to soothe the soul, but many times
Permitted only to be a liquid trickle.

Essential to the lives of animals
Who know my true value
As maintenance of life.

So why reduce my essence to commercialism?
You celebrate my existence until the rains come again,
Then you forget, once more, that I am life itself!

Gushing through the downpipes of skyscrapers
Humanity perceives me as infinite,
Available for all eternity.

So now that I am scarce,
Often a stagnant green,
Fear of loss makes me valuable.

It is never surer,
That when the pipes dry out,
And rusting coats the metal
Then you, mankind, will be become aware –

That I am finite
And you cannot live on air.


Author: poetryfest

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