Watch the 5 November 2015 Novel Winners. Transcript readings performed.

WILDsound Festival

Watch the winning novel transcript readings for November 2015.

This month’s readings performed by actor Val Cole.

Chapter 1 NOVEL – Please Hold
November 2015 Reading
Written by Tricia Stewart Shiu

Chapter 7 NOVEL – From the Sky
November 2015 Reading
Written by J E Nicassio

Chapter 21 NOVEL – One Hot Summer
November 2015 Reading
Written by Ian Barker

Chapter 3 NOVEL – Follow in the Tigerman’s Footsteps
November 2015 Reading
Written by Colin Guest

Transcript NOVEL – A Life Singular
November 2015 Reading
Written by Lorraine Pestell

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WATCH the Recent Winning Short Story/1st Chapter Readings:

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JASMINE NO MORE, Poetry by Daniel Hefty

WILDsound Festival

Genre: War, Political, People, Society

by Daniel Hefty

I wake up in the night thinking about children
not mine but yours
you broken mothers
snatched from security and comfort
thrust into a divide uncrossable
left at the bottom of the rubble
from a sectarian blanket bombing campaign for peace
and domination

You wanted something you had no right to request
democracy would never replace the Shahs and Kings
did you believe they cared about God more than power
as they hauled off your sons and husbands
in the springtime of their lives
the Arab spring
as fire and brimstone rained down from the sky

I see vast expanses of barren mountain desert
scattered with scant shrubs and giant boulders
hand planted by Allah
moonlight catches up to the shadows
traversing a border into the unknown
where pregnant mothers will give birth to offspring
who will never have…

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WILDsound Festival

Genre: War, People


Embrace impact,

Slower the thinker,

History is stigma.

Sleep not deeper

Join me in commissioning
‘Operation Boko_haram extinguisher’.

Over the night our girls

Might never return.

Courage beats fear,

Sweat for peace or

Bleed at war.

Call time a ghost,

Time to extinguish Boko_haram

Including her host.

Immediate cultivation of

Nationalistic seeds through the

North, Africa and beyond.

Improve dreams of me,

And fatherless playing naked

Underneath Sambisa’s leaves.

With equal sacrifice

Authority doesn’t involve guns,

Camouflage protects love, as

Civilisation and conscience

Seasonally evolve.

    * * * * *

Deadline: FREE POETRY Festival – Get poem made into a MOVIE and seen by 1000s. Three options to submit:

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HAMMER – AUDIENCE FEEDBACK from the Oct. 2015 Film Festival

Festival for HORROR

Watch the Audience FEEDBACK for HAMMER:

Here’s what the audience had to say about HAMMER (moderated by Matthew Toffolo):

“I applaud it for its avant-garde nature. It’s kind of a cool film.”

“I appreciate this film in its tribute to old-style storytelling.”

“The visuals really brought out a lot of emotion and feeling.”

Explanation from the Poet Cassandra Swan:

Turn your poem into a movie:

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Read Today’s NEW POETRY from all over the world

A Kinda Life, Poetry Reading by Denise Stephani

WILDsound Festival

Watch the Poetry Reading of A KINDA LIFE:

Poem read by actress Val Cole

Get to know poet Denise Stephani:

1) What is the theme of your poem?

Girl Power / Gender Equality. Empathy with Malala and all women and girls who are victims of the Gender War.

2) How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your poetry reading?

I would like people to feel moved and inspired to initiate and support social change. I would like men who read it to be more open to hearing the female human’s stories and help to support and protect women and girls.

3) How long have you been writing poetry?

Since a child as a weird sort-of survival mechanism, but more actively publishing since 2012. United Press London Recognition: Women Writers of the Year 2014 and Top Ten Writers for 2015

4) Do you have a favorite…

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Chaotic Simplicity, Poetry by Kelly Rice

WILDsound Festival

Genre: dark, depression, bipolar

Chaotic simplicity
by Kelly Rice

I struggle to put words into sentence
For my mind is full of emptiness
Words are familiar
But don’t define meaning
Until the sentence structure
Is so tight it is suffocating
And inhaling vernacular
Exhaling rhythm
And metaphorically speaking
Behind the door of a room
That enters into apostrophe
That’s been resting in bed
For years in silence
Till now somehow
Something inspiring
Sparks up concepts and ideas
Of constant words flowing
And flooding into
A computer desktop
Placed on a table
Covered of garbage
And cigarette butts
Overflowing in a ceramic ashtray
I have no other option really
Except to create words of chaos
Subtly turning them into simplicity

Deadline: FREE POETRY Festival – Get poem made into a MOVIE and seen by 1000s. Three options to submit:

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Shatter Me, Poetry by SubSimSive

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Adult, Sexy, Love, Relationships, Romantic, BDSM, Kink, Fetish.

Shatter Me
by SubSimSive

These binds aren’t as tight
As your grip on my heart
You have it in your hands
You can tear it apart

You can whip me, spank me
Do what you please
With my throat in your grasp
I won’t stop your squeeze

I’m fragile, brittle
My being in your hands
So I stand before you
Prepared for your brands

Slap my face and
Tell me you love me
Crop my ass then
Stroke me so gently

Make me want you
Inside my skin
Show me the strength
In your wicked grin

When you fuck me
Let me touch you
When you fuck me
Thought provoke me

Fuck my body
Hear me scream
Fuck my mind
Shatter me

Deadline: FREE POETRY Festival – Get poem made into a MOVIE and seen by 1000s. Three options to submit:

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Last Night I Dreamed of Leonard Cohen, Poetry by Margaret Lonsdale

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Dream

Last Night I Dreamed of Leonard Cohen
~ Margaret Lonsdale (@fhaedra)

Last night I dreamed of Leonard Cohen
in silhouette on a park bench in Montreal
He had a paper bag beside him
in his hands he held nothing at all

I thought to just keep on walking
as I have never met Leonard the Man before
But in the dream I took a place beside him
and he asked me ‘Who’s been keeping score?’

In a hush I answered, ‘I am still learning,
but like you, I am not so sure of this game.’
He smiled then so slowly as he buttoned his coat
‘It’s alright now. You are not to blame.’

(Hey hey what can you say? I’m going down to the river to pray.)

We watched as the moon turned to ashes
its fragmented silver covering cool ground
A cowboy drummer sprinkled orange peel

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I Would Kiss You, Poetry by Joseph Ouellette

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Rhyme, Love

I Would Kiss You
by Joseph Ouellette

I would kiss you as stars touch light to light

as waves share a soft drench night

as snows touch pine boughs

as night winds touch long grass

as twilight sounds touch a whisper

as you touch me…. fleetingly

as my lips touch yours in shadows

Deadline: FREE POETRY Festival – Get poem made into a MOVIE and seen by 1000s. Three options to submit:

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