Funny or Happy or Inspirational Poetry Contest.

Deadline March 31st. Submit a poem that’s either FUNNY or HAPPY or simply INSPIRATIONAL and get it made into a movie. 

Accepting any poetry in any genre or length that’s about either of these themes in any way.

All poems will be posted on this network. Over 95,000 unique visitors a day. The winning poem will have their poetry made into a movie. NOTE: All poems will get performed by a professional actor and made into a video at the festival. So everyone wins!

The RULES are simple:

1. Write a POEM that’s about either of these genres. Send it to this contest for $10 and it will be POSTED on this site guaranteed for 100,000s to see. (you own all rights to this poem and whenever you want it taken down, send us an email).

2. Email your POEM to in .pdf, .doc, .wpd, .rtf, or .fdr format or just cut and past it into the body of the email.

3. SUBMIT as many poems as you like separately to the contest.

4. The poem can be anything that’s FUNNY or HAPPY or INSPIRATIONAL. An event/situation that will simply put a smile on someone’s face.

5. PAY THE $10 SUBMISSION FEE. Guaranteed post on this network. Results to be emailed by April 10th.

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