Read Poem: Morning Memories, by Akansha Bhatt

The Radio goes boom incessantly,

Reminding me that it’s Monday again,

Not caring for my swollen eyes,

The sunshine hits my face,

As I go about and do my chores,

I put on my clothes and as I walk to the door,

I see in the corner the dress I wore,

I pick it up and take a sniff,

It still smells like you, I think,

One night ago when I was with you,

Entwined together, I felt things,

Your lips touched me like a storm of love,

Like it was the rain in the desert,

It had a power I have never felt before,

Like Ecstasy, inside my bones,

Your hands were all I wanted,

I wanted you to do things to be, I dreamt of and then some more,

Caress me with the lust you had in your eyes,

You kissed every part of me, the broken and the mended,

You touched me in places I have never been touched,

As if you took me places I have never visited,

I always knew I was a rebel,

Funny how you are still on my mind,

Even though you said we aren’t meant to be,

I still crave for those hands, those little shock of pleasure.

Days go by, and it’s yet another Monday morning,

Blaring at its top the radio goes up,

You are still on my mind and why is that I don’t know,

I want to see you again and ask, do you remember it,

Where you mourning all this day for my touch like I did,

Do you remember if it was lust or we made love?

I guess I won’t know until you let me know,

So I can stop this mourning to the radio for that touch.

Genre – Love, Relationship, Erotica, sad and romantic