Love, Poetry by Bryan Chan

Genre: Rhyme, Love, Relationship

Love by Bryan Chan


Do you have morphine?

Cause it hurts just looking at…


Nevermind that

Those lines fall flat

From the actual words

Which one contemplates

When one is inert

To react

In the presence of the proverbial angel

Flawless at every angle

Even the proverbial cripple

Would undeniably be able

To “proverbially” stand for that


A wit as sharp

As the shiniest harp

That has played at my heartstrings

Mozart and Bach

Unfamiliar to my ears

But all so distinguishable

By the fragmented soul

Which attains this heart

This is me

This is he

In love at the seams

It shows  in his ability

To abuse his mind

To speak of words

That never exist

In the presence of the girl

As “extrasimpobashalant”

Than his mind can conjure

When in a situation

Such as this

Or in every other time

He thinks of her kiss


Skin of moonlight

Eyes of starlight

Born of twilight

That’s what she is,light!

Photons of an infinite spectrum

Indefinable by refraction

As every angle is


To every fibre of my being


I fall into folly

Clair de lune?

Not even close,Debussy

Mona Lisa?

Who is she,Davinci?

When compared to the beauty

A portrait which flows

In the crevice of my mind

To the centre of my soul


She moves in beauty

As natural as Gaia

The foundations which makes her

An ever lasting fire

Of hope

In a world

With no tomorrow

She is my beacon

My bacon

My sunny side ups

The simple happiness

When I wake up

Each morning

I am the jester

I am the fool

She is the murals I look upon to

At the chapel of sixtus

A few feet away

Yet unable to grasp

Yet i grasp it’s beauty in full detail

How can this be?

How is this real?


So here I am

A feet away

A meter from your existence

A mere milimeter in distance

Of space

But I am a light-year away from the red




Drying in the sun

Like Patrick and the sponge

When you are the lamp


How can the one thing that gives me life take it from me? That is she.




* * * * *

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