Assignations of the Heart, Love Poetry by Fayton Hollington

Part of the 2016 LOVE Poetry Festival.

Assignations of the Heart
by Fayton Hollington

Rhythms of the heart beat I adore…. The touch, the sounds, the sights of which some day might be no more.

For lack of gumption, and all the assumptions, this needs to be kicked into gear.
Until that time, I’ll gaze upon and cherish thee, with all my love through eternity. … As day gives way to night, it’s in my dreams you’ll remain in sight.

The pulsation’s, the angst, the confusion, the fear, is a direct correlation to wanting you near…

Rhythms of the heart beat, I adore. … Though our destiny is uncertain, my feelings are clear, understanding my plight keeps the feelings in flight.

If there’s ever a concern, regarding this burning I yearn; do not distress, my compulsion to approach is near.

Walking through the empty street I’m feeling all alone, moon and stars guide me to a place that strikes unknown. I hear my footsteps clearly as they echo in my head, but didn’t see a single soul; I swore the streets were dead. …

I’m wandering lonely, feeling it hard, but I’m too frightened to relax my guard. … You possessed my thoughts, always on my mind, the one in my dreams I never thought I’d find. …

Around the next bend with no warning at all, as soon as I saw you I started to fall. I closed my eyes tight and started to run, until I had to admit my emotions had won.
You walked into my life, and right into my heart, but why didn’t I tell you, and now where do I start. …

With you on my mind; inducing suspension of time, I beg you for a moment to prepare. …

The time has come to be honorable and true with regards to my feelings for you. … The nerves, the fears, the anticipation the tears; are the reasons I need this to be clear. …

Emotionally, I was lost but now I’m found, though the price I’ll pay is high. …

You gave me your heart, and I tore it apart, with my selfishness and greed.

You gave me the chance to right my wrong, I’ve attempted through words, and attempted through song, but this cannot possibly go on. …

Denying your love and compassion, tenderness and satisfaction, undoubtedly, is the cause of this action. …

I’m setting you free from your attachment to me to ascertain my own self-worth. …

I’ll wander alone for the right type of tone to set my soul at ease. …

I’ll gather my feelings, my thoughts and my sorrows, but for now; there can be no tomorrow. …

If only for a moment, if only for a day; I could have loved you the right way.

If only…

Poet – Fayton Hollington
© All Rights Reserves





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