My Life Tumbled and I Fell, Poetry by A.Goomer

Genre: family, depression, suicide, grief, loss, inspirational, hope

My Life Tumbled and I Fell by A.Goomer

When you lose someone you love, it’s hard to be strong,
When you lose that connection and bond it’s hard to go on.

You find yourself at the depths unable to cope,
You don’t have the strength to look ahead for any hope.

Holding on to every piece of them you have,
How could you leave me Dad?

The death of someone close to you makes you think,
Maybe life isn’t all rosy and pink.

How can this be happening? What am I going to do?
Will I forever feel lost, alone and blue?

They say time can heal a broken heart,
It gets better, but some days it pulls apart.

Feeling left behind is a horrible feeling,
A lot of nights are left staring at the ceiling.

When tragedy strikes, you see things in a new light,
Life doesn’t seem so bright.

Focus on your happiness with the family and friends you chose,
The sad days will lessen along with your all-time lows.

We must pick ourselves up and live with the living,
These ghosts we see are not giving.


    * * * * *

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