Melody, Poetry by Alex Pauley

Genre: Relationship, Romance


Melody by Alex Pauley


The melody my heart plays is a ragged tune that is not easy on the ears, as it holds all the broken pieces of me with it.
The memories of past mistakes, the pain of love loss, the regret that stays with me until my eyes close at night,
this is the melody that my crying heart wishes to play, as if it’s a call for help.
It wishes to be touched and to be restrung once again, as if it had never been broken at all;
It seeks to be heard and in turn be told great things, it craves tenderness and devotion that it has never known,
my heart plays a sad song, a song of regret, a song of sorrow, a song of depression, a song of joy, a song of sweet memories.
it cannot help, but to play what it feels, all it can do is express those feelings that are pent up within,
the melody may be off and hard to listen to, but it is one that is ever playing, whether ignored or unheard.
It shall continue playing that sharp off-key tune, until it receives the care it needs.


    * * * * *

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