I LIKE YOU, Poetry by Gabrielle Lanzona

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Friendzone, Friendship, That’s All It’ll Ever Be, “Love” I Guess, Frustration

I LIKE YOU by Gabrielle Lanzona

I’m not even going to say it explicitly in this passage
because you can’t get any more explicit than a title
Even so, caps lock and in italics
boldfaced and screaming at you across Broadway
a three-story marquee
flashing lights blaring loud noises

you still wouldn’t know it.

That’s alright
It’s a good thing
Who am I kidding
Do you ever wanna slap someone with a fish because dear lord they’re so beautiful and they don’t even know it
because they’re so strange and irreverent and wonderfully bizarre
in a world where everything is flat and grey
and when they laugh it’s with no sense of any self-consciousness whatsoever
too hard and too loud
when they talk about something they really get into it
such passion and such detail
as if…

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