SLYME – Poetry Reading by Michelle Assor

Poetry performed by actor Kaleb Alexander

SLYME by Michelle Assor

POETRY 7 questions:

What is the theme of your poem?

In this particular contest, contestants were asked to write a poem about ‘Society’.

I think the title of my poem ‘Slyme’ says it all. With the use of satiric humor and rhyme (Dr. Seuss’ style), the central message in my poem ‘Slyme’ is the inevitable human defeat in the race against time and technology. The poem also reflects our degenerative, dystopian society. Yet no matter how disturbing or how sad, one has to look at the realities of our society with humor. I use the word ‘Slyme’ and ‘Slime’ simultaneously to create an impact both visually and mentally.

How would you like people to respond when they read or watch your poetry reading?

I would love people to roar with laughter but to also discern the hidden meanings in the poem.

How long have you been writing poetry?

I started writing poetry at the age of eleven.

Do you have a favorite poet?

The brilliant poet, storyteller and illustrator, Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss) inspired me to write the poem ‘Slyme’. I grew up on Dr. Seuss books and I admire his zany, nonsense words and his insatiable rhymes. Under the surface of his works there is deep meaning and he conveys this so artfully.

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes:
“Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.”

What influenced you to submit to WILDsound and have your poetry performed by a professional actor?

When poetry is read aloud and expressively, it resonates as opposed to silent reading. I am so impressed with the theatrical talent of Wildsound’s professional actors.

Do you write other works? scripts? Short Stories? Etc..?

I write novels, short stories and poems. I have written the first book of a trilogy and I am busy writing the second. Aside from the trilogy, I have several new books mapped out in my head I want to write a play too. I have attempted a one page screenplay and although I prefer to be a novelist, perhaps I will be brazen and write a full length screenplay one day.

What is your passion in life?

To defeat time and to be immortal.

About poetryfest

Submit your Poetry to the Festival. Three Options: 1) To post. 2) To have performed by an actor 3) To be made into a film.
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