FREEBIRD, Poetry by Lisa Atkinson

WILDsound Festival

Genre: Love

Extrodinaire you take extra love and care, your pretty white teeth makes my heart complete. When we come together, your rough & tough like leather…..Rat da tat tat, is the sound of your gun, but you still know how to have fun.

All that bravery, courageous & strong….. is it an act, because I’m just stating the facts . Your childhood dreams of living in Kendall Green. You were always around the red, yellow & brown..not to mention the black.

Not even thinking of going back. You saw her face & you wanted to taste. “Oh how sweet it is strawberries, peaches, plums & cranberries that runs. Got you tantalized, with your face between her thighs…

When she kiss your soft lips & you feel on her round pumpkin hips..
The battle call resonates in your soul, because this soldier just struck gold….

You don’t know where this…

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