Inertia – Poetry Reading by James R Adams II

Performed by Hugh Ritchie

Get to know the poet:

What is the theme of your poem?

It’s about catharsis. Waking up. These things move me not kind of stuff. Whether it’s external b.s. or internal b.s. If we don’t learn to let go and stop being our own worst enemy, we don’t change. If we keep failing the same tests? We keep getting thrown back into the same place, only to be tested over and over again until we learn to let go and stop being slaves and victims to circumstance and bad habits. Only I can do that for me and only you can do that for you. Join me. It’s a cleansing.

What motivated you to write this poem?

I can’t control how they’ll respond. I hope they enjoy it and that they connect to it and to me in some way that is meaningful to them. I’m trying to connect with them. Whatever floats their boat when it comes down to it. If it doesn’t resonate with some, that’s okay too.

How long have you been writing poetry?

In elementary school when I had to for a project. Very sporadically since.

Do you have a favorite poet?

I’m not a real learned reader of the greats. Coleridge’s Kubla Khan because it’s so powerful. Describing the indescribable. It’s powerful, beautiful, terrifying and enigmatic. He was brilliant. I like things that are contemplative. With music, there’s too many to mention. Maynard James Keenan, Roger Waters and David Gilmour’s lyrics make me contemplate their meaning, and I like that. They are sublime.

What influenced you to submit to have your poetry performed by a professional actor?

Sounded like a cool idea. Get it out there.

Do you write other works? scripts? Short Stories? Etc..?

Just finished a major revision of my first novel-length manuscript. Wrote a script and shot a short film based on the manuscript (Cuckold Picasso- there’s a trailer on youtube, and IMDb).

What is your passion in life?

My family, my writing, and making sure I’m doing things that inspire me. I didn’t for a long time and my quality of life was not what is in today. I began writing seriously two years ago. It changed my life.


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