GROWTH IN BREXIT, Poetry by David Steven Twist

 Genre: Political

The Twist meme for cultural breakdowns or how to build a cultural map

Auto culture your unique cultural fingerprint

Micro responsive sensitive a small cohort with a scheme

Meso standard calendering time culture connecting the micro and macro culture

Macro interaction with the business environment a dominant scheme

Meta active mechanics in the way it is done

Peta aware Spirit the reward code dependent on spiritual climate

How do you make a game?

First off come up with some basic rules.

Kiss Cuddle
Shock Push

This is the Twist meme on corporate parenting this set can best be described as

Token Buy in
Dissonance Change drive

Four quadrants each with four functions The Reward Code is dependent on the spirit climate

Q1 f2 f1 Q2
f3 f4 f3 f4
f1 f2 f1 f2
Q3 f4 f3 Q4

Consider this a reward code is a brand flavor your spirit. However the climate changes how rewards are perceived and misjudging the climate means ultimately that your reward will be viewed in that context (Ed. Ice Lolly’s in a blizzard)



    * * * * *

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