Genre: Rhyme, Political

inspired by the John Ervin screenplay “The Look of Hate”
available for free download at https://filmfreeway.com/project/904563

This here’s the ballad of Johnny Ray Sixpack
He’s gonna teach the world the meanin’ of payback
With his Trooper Thrust Street Sweeper
And more guns to make liberal-losers weepers
He’s a warrior for The Honorable Donald J. Trump
An alt-right Pit Bull – when he barks, snowflakes jump!

But, hey, he knows how to loosen his belt
Watchin’ hardcore porn till his face melts
He likes a good beer
When he’s pumpin’ fear
In the hearts of them coastal elite
And immigrants, hell, he’s turnin’ up the heat
He’s guardin’ The Wall, to make sure they go back
Or else they’re gonna learn the meanin’ of payback!

This here’s the ballad of Johnny Ray Sixpack


    * * * * *

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