Read Poetry: The Chilling, by James Coupland

Genre: Thriller, Horror

There’s something wretched in an office that’s deathly quiet
The only sound to be heard is the droning of many computers in a room that’s empty
My eyes are growing weary as tiredness takes hold
Struggling to stay awake, I can feel my brain crawling out of my skull

I’m all alone, solitary confinement has taken control of my thoughts
Staring at the screen, wanting to write but nothing is forthcoming
My god I’m so bored doing the same thing over and over again
Suddenly, I feel a cold draft creeping down my spine

My heart starts to pound and perspiration drips from my brow
In the corner of my eye, there’s a glimpse of a shadow dashing across the room
I can’t move as fear grips me, keeping me paralyzed in my chair
“Where the hell is everyone?” the only thought passing through my mind

The lights flicker as if a gentle breeze caresses the flame of a candle
The room starts to shake violently
I can’t breathe, the air is so thin
Everything stops, the lights go out with a BANG, but the clock keeps ticking
Tick tock tick tock tick tock
Yet, time has stopped moving, tick tock tick tock, uncertain madness takes control

My blood starts to boil, the cramps in my stomach, ooh the pain
The pain is surreal, something is taking over me.
I feel that my time has finally been called
Death has come to claim my soul

Two shadowed figures stand before me
Their eyes are raging with fire; a haunting sound fills the room as these spectral beings move rapidly towards me,
I want to run but the floor is gripping me like a child clinging to its mother.
The demons enter my body and a fire burns inside me as I slowly disintegrate in to thin air

All that’s left

Is a chilling presence

In a room that’s been abandoned

© a year ago, James coupland


* * * * *

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