Read Poem: I Want You To My See Colour, by Tola Dee

Genre: Society, Philosophical, Inspirational, Life, Motivational

The famous phrase people say to distance themselves from
racism, but unless there is something wrong with your eyes
you can not escape my colour
You don’t see the different shape of my nose, my almond shaped
eyes, my wool textured earthly locs?
I want you to see my colour, my beautiful chocolate brown
shade of beauty
I want you to notice this colour I so proudly wear
I want you to appreciate this colour that was handed down
to me by my African ancestors who survived the middle
passage, slavery and more atrocities then you could
“I’m not racist” you say “I see everyone the same” I am
colour blind, well what do you see? You see all shades of
white you erase me to sooth your eyes and make it
comfortable for you.
I don’t see colour, please… this is what society teaches, then
you must not appreciate art all the vibrant colours on a
canvas you don’t see that either?
Why would you not want to see the varieties of beauty that
surround you?
I want you to love my colour, my pigmentation, be in awe of
my glowing mahogany skin.
I want you to see and acknowledge my hue, by denying it is
to deny my being, deny my ethnicity and heritage.
My brownness strengthens me, uplifts me and brings me to
a higher plane
I have self-love and know my worth
Appreciate the beauty that comes in all shades I see it and
its magnificent

* * * * *

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