Read Poetry: SOMEDAY WE WILL ALL BE FREE, by Alvin E. Colbert

Genre: Inspirational

Someday we will all be free.
Who, when, where, and how
This fantasy you spout, are you speaking to me?

Someday we will all be free
Is that as the bird, or as the eagle?
Free; a concept that many seek, but it seems that few ever find.
Free; is real or is it fake?
This phenomenon, free is it meant for me?
I look, we search, where is freedom? Is it all in my mind?
I stand and I fight, with all of my might, this freedom I must find.

I am hungry, you are cold, he is homeless, she is sad,
I am black, you are white, he is brown and she is red,
I seek, you seek, he seeks, and she seeks
Freedom, freedom, freedom; we all want it. Is that so bad?

Someday we will all be free
Who? Both you and me, as well as he and she, for we are all the same.
When? The day we decide that what we all want is the same.
Where? Right where we are, because the place we live is the same.
How? We stand, we cry, we support, we forgive, for the way is the same.

Free as a bird,
Flying high as an eagle,
No more concept, but really free
Freedom is real, but it does have a price;
For nothing comes without sacrifice
Will I die for you? Will you die for me?
Does he or she need to die to be free?

Stand up, stand tall, we can all be free
You can’t die for me, nor I for you.
He nor she can pay the price, for on a cross at Calvary
That price was paid by Jesus the Christ

O wake up and see that freedom is won
Believe, and take heart, as we all are one.

Bert Eugene
December 13, 2014

* * * * *

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