Poetry: THE LONE WOLF by Sebastian Arenas

 Genre: dark/sad/pain/love

 Hungry and alone the lone wolf hides.
His love fled as she lied even as he tried to be at her sides.
Wounded he licks away the blood,
Now the dark surrounds him as he sinks in the mud.

Pure tenacity allows him to survive.
Pure anger fuels his need to stay alive.
Purity of mind has now lost its shine.
Purity of heart no longer resides in his bloodline.

The cold gnaws at his bones,
Deep inside the void, pain wants to be known.
Unrelenting agony fills his howls.
Unrequited love manifests in his growls.

He lets it all out to the moon,
The only thing that sympathizes with his tune.
The lone wolf is always meant to die,
Yet this lone wolf is meant to defy.

* * * * *

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