Read Poetry: Charmcaster’s Spellbook, by Man of Action

 Gwen kept Charmcaster’s spellbook​
As a souvenir​
After she and Ben 10 returned​
Back into their bodies

Charms of Bezel by Man of Action
Hex’s Charms of Bezel​
That he used ​
To bring about the end ​
Of the world

Legendary Voice Actor
The man of many voices​
A real legend​
Who has been in the voice acting​
Community ​
Since forever

Mal’s Spellbook by Josann McGibbon and Sarah Parriott
Maleficent gave Mal​
Her spellbook​
On her way to Auradon Prep​
She had some mischief​
While trying to steal ​
Fairy Godmother’s wand

Lock and Key by Man of Action
A powerful spellbook​
Indeed ​
Kept under ​
Lock and key

His Other Spellbooks
He bought some spellbooks​
To learn how to control his magical powers​
After an advanced magician’s charms​
Awakened his magic of light

His First Spellbook
He later kept the advanced magician’s niece’s ​
Old spellbook as a souvenir along with her old bag​
Of stone golems and additional magic​
Within the dimension of time and space


* * * *

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