Read Poetry: Change, by Peinsejoager

 Catch the wind in your hair
Standing on top of a mountain
Conquered with strength and skill
All the while, submit to it with respect

Will you understand it?
Will the forces of nature tolerate me trespassing
Will you allow it?
Will the elements be gentle to my body and soul

I climb the highest mountain
to find peace for a moment
I hike the vastest valley
to embrace my solitude for some time

I walk the curly roads
to challenge my spirit
I stroll through the fields in the rain
to feel the touch of nature

How can I not love this place…
How can I not love where I am going…
How can I not love…

A restless soul lives on and on
In search for tranquility, Some peace of mind
Closing his eyes, and finding the quietness
While resting his heart…



* * *

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