Read Poetry: Strong Like Wolves, by Steve Schleupner

Men, wake up
Our women are branching new flowers
Flowers of a new way,
new independence
Independence is taking new roots
in their souls
Souls guiding them to more love –
a different love
Love they want from us, but love
they are not finding
Finding new fissures to seek the water
their souls need

Men, wake up
Climb from our roles, and grow
Grow from the provider role,
the leader role
Roles that are needed,
but not like before
Before we hunted and gathered,
filling an archetype passed by
our fathers – Be Strong Like Wolves!
Fathers now are teaching the same
to their sons

Men, wake up
Be Strong Like Wolves!
Be keen and swift
Work together for your pack
and don’t carry yours alone
Gather and provide
See through all ranges
And, gather strength from
your women.

Men, wake up
This strength is going to be different
We cannot rely on past roles
passed down from our pack leaders
We need to provide what their
new independence needs
We need to provide an emotional connection,
a connection not watered down by the
stresses of the range

Men, Be Strong Like Wolves
But, be connected
Else your pack will head a new direction,
led by the independent woman.

* * *

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