Read Poetry: A WIDOW’S STORY, by Terita Buchanan-Moore

He was snatched from my grasp
In the blink of an eye
Tragically taken
By a thief in the night
My soulmate lost his life
In fifteen minutes
I became widowed
No longer a wife
Not by choice though
It was pure evil
Unleashed upon me and my family
Ten years later
Still in disbelief
When buried memories
Begin to surface like a vengeance
From my own remembrance
This past nightmare
Becomes a true reality
Of flashing frame shots
Stomach balled in knots
As I can sadly recall
The worst day of all
How I found him
Laying helplessly in a pool of blood
With gun residue
Scattered on his skin
In a state of shock
I mournfully watched
As my sister tried to revive him
I wish I could have turned back the clock
To the time when he was breathing
and standing right by my side
Alive and well
Moments before
Death decided to knock at our door
Holding on by a thread
I surely thought I would lose my mind instead
Our lives haven’t been the same
Since that unfortunate day
Trying to live on
After a loved one is gone
Is the hardest thing to do
Living life without him
Has been a heartbreaking task to get through
For no one can erase 38 years of his soul’s existence
In a short period of time
As the pain of not physically seeing him again
Leaves a very deep empty hole within
That no man can fill
So many thoughts of where we could have been
Often run through my head
Yet, I press on and remain strong
For I know this is something
I will never get over or understand
Why and how this was written in our life’s plan
Day after day, I’m doing the best that I can
By the grace of God
I’m living proof
As to how the Creator can keep you
During dark horrifying periods
From broken moments to happy spirits
Never thought I could feel again
But I did
No Love will ever match his
As he will be safely tucked away in a special place
In the deeper part of my heart
Forever and for always
Will I cherish those blessed days
I shared with my true love


* * *

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