Read Poetry: The Ox and The Plow, by Matthew Richard Barnes

Once upon a time

In a land called….
There’s a story
About the ox
and the plow
Where the ox just trots on top of the rocks
And doesn’t stop to watch the clock
Or to monitor the crop
And how the plow
Keeps digging down, underground
Wandering around, wondering how we allowed a bully and coward
To tweet from the top of a golden tower
And how a pow wow of cowboys can allow bomb showers to rain on the world’s most beautiful flowers by the hour
I will never scowl about a crowd that shouts aloud about the misuse of power
But I do frown down upon clowns only making sounds and not helping out
The box
The ox
Is just an ox
And the plow…
Is the power
We all despise the crimes and lies that have defined our lives
But despite the plight
This is not the demise of our times
Open your eyes
Recognize the disguise that we’ve been hypnotized by
Don’t just cry and watch time fly
Let’s realize the signs that describe the size of the almighty prize
And let’s rise
Above the rest
We won’t be left just to protest like pests
Even as unwelcome guests
And amid the sting of our bruising flesh
We feel blessed to control our own lives and deaths
I know it’s hard to digest
But let it infect
Because the less we expect
The more we progress
So get up get dressed
And step up to the test
Help clean up this mess
We won’t just mingle
And speak the lingo
We’ll tie a string around our fingers
And let this single jingle’s ring linger…
Peace, Unity, Freedom, United States of America, USA, Our Country, World Peace, Equality, Acceptance, Growth, Non violent protest, Protest, RiseUp, We The People, This land is our land



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