Poetry Reading: Precious Little Girl by Murna Safford

Performed by Elizabeth Rose Morriss

1) What is the theme of your poem?
Answer: Spirituality
Why? Because prayer can change things. It may not change things in the normal course of events, but I can assure you as having bared witness, that it can change the outcome!
2) What motivated you to write this poem?
Two Part Answer:
Part I Answer: The poem originally started out, and divinely inspired by GOD, to encourage someone who had otherwise given up on themselves, and GOD. Alas, thinking he did not love them.  That very day, I sat at the computer, feeling divinely inspired, and penned the poem in an hour! I know it was GOD’s Holy Spirit inspiring me as duly noted. Thereafter, I found that there is a Precious Little Girl in many girls that I came across in my progressive walk in life. More profoundly so, I found the Precious Little Girl in me!
Part II Answer: Extraordinarily difficult circumstances seemingly to difficult to overcome, yet I emerged triumphant. trying to lead by example of never giving up, never giving in, and encouraging others that they can do it too! Hence having endured betrayal, loss, mistreatment, acceptance, indifference, cruelty, neglect, heartache, heartbreak, setbacks, humiliation, perseverance, falling short, near devastation of one’s hopes & dreams, never giving up, standing up for what is right, not going along with what is wrong, and allowing GOD’s light to shine through me as I am vessel, a steward of all that he entrust me with. As to whom much is given, much is expected*
3) How long have you been writing poetry? 
Answer: 10+ years, and counting.
4) If you could have dinner with one person (dead or alive), who would that be? 
Answer: John Hughes, although my favorite writer is Charles Dickens. Most assuredly, it is a toss up…smile!
5) What influenced you to submit to have your poetry performed by a professional actor? 
Answer: In memory of my beloved Mother whom I lost just a year ago, thereafter losing my brother in the same week. It was far more than I could bear, but I found myself through prayer, and perseverance now comforting others by virtue of the comfort that I myself received by by nothing short of divine intervention. It is a near-culmination of one my greatest life’s work, one that I felt compelled to share with the world. 
6) Do you write other works? scripts? Short Stories? Etc..?
Answer: Yes, I do! I write scripts/screenplays for both television, and motion picture production. I also have written several children’s books, some of which are now available on Amazon. Other’s to be released in the near future. Writing is my creative niche, something that I am deeply impassioned about, and it is something that I feel I was blessed with.
7) What is your passion in life?
Answer: One of the highest attainments in life for me is to share my literary works (projects, charity, and writings) with the world! I tremendously enjoy writing, but I am very passionate about helping others, and have never deviated even to my detriment oftentimes in extending a helping hand to those in need. It is extremely, and personally gratifying for me to nurture one’s ideas, interests, and inspire them that they can accomplish whatever they put their minds to. To also be mindful to do unto others, as you would want it done unto you for what is from the heart, reaches the heart. For where you treasure is, your heart will be also*

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