Read Poetry: FEAR OF THE UNKNOWNS, by Gibson Kuria Chege

Uncertainty is crowding my mind,
Like clouds heavy with rain
With conflicting thoughts crushing my brain,
Leaving waves of doubts behind,
Am afraid am losing the war to the fear
The fear of the unknowns

My mind is under siege
With winds of doubts cruising to and fro
Causing blurred visions and swiping out
I have no peace of mind the nightmares have
taken root
Too many decisions to make
Very little time, they are argent
My mind has become a double agent
Torn between the Do’s and the Don’t s
Doubts casting brain incisions
Haunted by a lonely feeble but persistent
A voice that has only one question… “What
I’m Running out of time , yet am lacking
An Old friend is back in town
He wants us to meet and catch up
I know we need to catch up for old time’s
But, What if…?
What if this ain’t a coincidence?
What if he is changed to wrong?
There is a new girl next door
She is beautiful
i know i like her
And i think she likes me too
I can tell from the way she looks at me
Especially when am working out
I should ask her out instead of staying
indoors time in time out
But…What if?
What if my feelings for her are not
What if its just another infatuation??
What if it will end up as another fring??
Am tired after work
The sun is setting on the horizon
It’s a nice sight by the shore
I should take a walk by the sea as i enjoy the
the breeze to help me unwind
But …What if?
What if the wind blows too strong
Too strong for the  banks to hold and water
comes running ashore and carries me whole???
What if…?What if…?What if…Am just
swimming in
fears of the unknown???
What If????!!!



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