Read Poetry: The Lady in Purple, by Kat Fankhauser


People watch other people.
They look to see if they have any defects,
if they do,
the watching person,
judges them without saying ‘Hello’
They go home and make up stories about,
“The lady wearing purple today.
Was drunk and drugged
she couldn’t walk straight,
kept falling over,
just like a drunken, druggie
homeless guy.”
Misinformation posted to Facebook,
or Twitter and  so many other social media sites.
Spreads this story, sharing to their friends,
who share it with their friends, who
share it with their friends.
Strangers believing the story,
about the lady in purple.
Judging her,
without knowing the truth,
without knowing her or even her name.
There is nothing wrong with sharing posts,
but it’s wrong to pass on gossip.
Because that’s all it is
This lady in purple,
may not be a drunk or druggie,
she may just have a balancing problem.
Or an illness that makes her wonky,
forgetful, strange or different.
I’m not saying don’t share stories,
I am saying don’t pass along
Judging a person just from a glance
then making up a story
Is not right.
We want to stop youth and others
from committing suicide or
harming themselves.
We need to stop judging
We need to stop posting lies.
We need to stop staring.
We need to stop misinformation!
Kat Fankhauser-Taylor © 2017

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