Read Poetry: LORD MANDERBEEL, by Dale Clement

Epic Gothic tale
A somewhat artist friend of mine asked me stately meet to dine

And sure enough without no quiver a horse drawn carriage had delivered

Me from ones abode so cold draped my shoulders cloak of bold

And unsurprised by candle light the carriage master cracked a strike

The two strong steeds did quickly carry

My bones and skin were yet to marry

Over cobbled roads then tracks

The city lights had faded black

Snorting nostrils flailed saliva

Relentless whip cracks braced the driver

Headlong fast grazed open fields

We race toward Lord Manderbeels

As two makes one as one makes right it often takes the chance that might

We share alone our own appraisal and fortune dine at others tables

When chance arose and of thine breast a nervous beating filled my chest

As if a mist or sprite dust moon had somehow faded through my gloom

A taste of dread and fiery leather

An ink well smudge contained by letter

An endless longing plagued my head a crimson sun of ghost white red

Over the fields on horse drawn wheels

Over the fields to Manderbeels


The stately gates my eyes did view I recollect I thought of you

Hidden deeply in your slumber lovelorn breathless shrouded lover

Inside your hidden solemn shrine your fruitless cherry lips of thine

Do speak no more laments of larks or madrigals to melt my heart

No longer shall our limbs entwine

No languished kiss caress nor sign

No lightning bolt to break my thunder

Just I alone without my lover

I alone fast horse drawn wheels

I alone to Manderbeels

The horses failed in such a hurry the drivers face a mud splashed slurry

He broke the reigns and bowed his hat with eloquence of streamlined rat

A murmured whisper broke my ear ” beg pardon sir, we are now here”

A step thrown down with such disparage as I descended from the carriage

Yet time stopped still, no cogs no wheels

Time stood still at Manderbeels

At first perhaps on casional morn the frost may first concur with dawn

Yet as its sullen glint line crashes sunlight burns away its ashes

Leaving lost abundant feelings time for thoughts and time for dreamings

Freezing sorrow ice melt frost ultraviolet fire bleached loss

Infiltrate the hair line cracks go forth the days of looking back

Tense the strength of hidden pleasure unaware its at our leisure

Unaware its at our heels

Unaware at Manderbeels

Now as ones psyche twinkles bright alas that God forsaken night

It had but found its cloak and cane and swiftly parted from my brain

It found its hat in such a hurry it gave no time for fear or worry

It gave no time yet half insane broke all but glimpse of earthly chains

It rattled through my bones precisely


It left my body grasping leather

Wind swept hairline seeking weather

My soul would rather taste the steel

My soul slipped grasp at Manderbeels

And now I stand but steps away

I’ve often wondered,wished and prayed

For chance the chance I have right now

Remove the frown lines from thine brow

Dissolve all trace of shallow grave

Unmask the earth from china glaze

Connect the eyes of thine eyes gaze

Exchange the sallow silky haze

No cataracts to blind loves wonder

No withered lilies bending under

A silhouette made turn my heels

The silhouette of Manderbeel

Inverted night lights shine my face

Informing eager eyes that gaze

That i show fear from mine eyes gaze

And bitter sweet regrets that save

All tortures bitten from thine grace

As eloquent as new thread lace

Hello old friend,my blood congealed

Hello old friend spake Manderbeel

I follow him by beckoned light

Ascending stairs of marble white

Until ten pass we reach a door

The entrance I where once before

Did enter to the house of pain

As dripping feelings fill my brain

As tender teardrops weep with rain

And all that lays as naked chained

Go through the door let past times heal

Release your thoughts of Manderbeel

As now as sure as I stand cold

A hand shake smile with grey roots rolled

Has shaken tightest grip of bold

And shivered through my very soul

As turning arm does point past fold

To garnished splendour draped with gold

And finery from all the globe

“Come grace my table Andrew Peel”

“It’s been a while Lord Manderbeel”


As I stand as if to stare adjacent to my out pulled chair

I realise what now is there underneath the candles glare

The licking dancing burning flames shine like diamonds filled with pain

As I alone connect my pain to languished orchards in thy name

And prey inside to break remains of tortured souls that writhe in pain

Whilst chained to tables naked drained

“Sit my boy”, the banquet squealed

A gong banged loud at Manderbeels

The eunuch man-boy trayed in wine

Of two out three I did decline

Until my pallet settled fine

A taste accustomed to my spine,a laudanum laced cherry brine

The same I had that other time

When lips so sweet I did confine to everlasting blackened night

And prayed that she returned to light

As feelings burst the wretched plight that chase my senses through delight

The angered madness lost insight and crimsoned eyelids filled with sprite

A silver knife wrapped tight white steel

I aim my lunge for Manderbeel

He gazed then grasped my knuckled lance

“Andrew Peel you are entranced,your eyes have glazed your pupils prance

like times before when lovers danced awash with juice from poppy branch

your clouded judgement longs to reel

your smile has cracked with tinctured zeal

inside our realm we have to deal the cruellest cards so we can feel

the bleeding that the tortured seal

and turn our backs on all that’s real”


Her fate lay sealed


Gasped Manderbeel.


Dale Clement 2013.


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