Read Poetry: DAUGHTER OF THE SEVEN SOULS, by Fadrian A. Bartley

The cloud overcast, and with rain droplets

On the street of gallium valley

Silence in the atmosphere

Except the sound of a noisy boot worn by a priest

Walking swiftly down the wet lonely street

A little book in his hand

Wrapped around  it

Is the hanging rosary

Swinging above the ground

With the expectation of something sinister have him surround

Looking behind all is clear

But a priest on a mission seem to fear

Reaching the end of a frightened  journey

Begins a chapter of another story

Scream piercing through the walls of the antique building

Looking up to the broken window  is the appearance of a child

Dressed in white looking down at the priest

Entering through the wooden gate, then like magic she is no more.

A rushing wind approaches

As the priest force himself through the door

Entering the house of wooden floor

Where the door slams behind, and  a horse shoe fell to the ground.

An heart beat echoes through his ears

But courage for a priest without fear

The scream continued up the stairs

Coming from a little girl

With the changing tone of an old hog

Swiftly up the dusty steps the he ran

Bursting through a door of expected event

There’s a child with a raging force, surrounded with elders of seven

Incantation within the forceful creeps

Windows smashed to pieces a voice telling the child go to sleep

In Christ name leave this place

The priest command with a sinister force in a tangled state

Seven elders went up in smoke

A large mirror fell to the ground and broke

With Bloody red eyes the child spoke

A rushing wind surrounds their presence

Trembling forces and the house was shaken

How powerless thy faith, the child utters “you priest must be burn”

Take me not from this body, now is not your turn.

Objects fell and turn up sided down

Even crosses on the wall

Everywhere through the hall

Up to her face he held a cross

Leave this child at all cost

Lips frosted with spit dripping down to her cheek

Multiple voices with sparks of lightening illuminates all around

A rosary in the hand of the fainted priest all scattered to the ground

The priest have failed, but the child remains

Written By Fadrian .A. Bartley

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