Read Poetry: PEACE BE STILL, by Ngozi Osuoha

peace, why drag supremacy
And fight for superiority?
Why crush silence
And break thine sheath,
That we remain at war?

You waylay unity
And make skulls, your crown
You ambush growth
And arrest development,
Peace, why hate thyself
When you are a gem?

Barefooted, you wander afar
Thirsty, you stand aloof
Hungry, you sink beyond
Lonely, you stray away
Peace, why art thou gone?

Come, peace come
Return, O peace
This earth is broken
This world is bruised,
Come, heal the air
Come, sweep the land
Return, O peace,
Peace! Peace! Be Still!


An art so wondrous
Divine in every sense,
A creature so elegant
Creative, gallant and immaculate.

The bravest of creation
Smart, strong and sound
Loving, caring, lovely, careful
The woman, a little god.

Homemade, homemaker
Groomed and grooming
A confident confidant
A loyalist and a faithful
Submissive, calm and resilient.

Pure,  genuine companion
Quiet, honest giver
Fair, jealous lover
Godly, decent soulmate.

Save her the drama
Heal her the trauma,
Clean her the stigma
And clear her of the dilemma.

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a Nigerian poet/writer, a graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. Her first longest poem THE TRANSFORMATION TRAIN published in Kenya is available on amazon. She has published over eighty poems in over ten countries.


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