Read Poetry: 12 CROSSED BRIDGES, by Olabisi Akinwale

(Summarizing 2017)
The letters memorized by our feets
Before crossing bridges, over strange waters
J- January
It was the tale of a boy waiting for sunshine under a dark and grey
sky, he’s got holes in his heart, only light can fill, songs in his
blood- with ugly and beautiful notes
January was a book with empty covers, we read with million thoughts-
forging new names
F- February
We covered our skins with weary faces
Learning to live in a world, different from home
Everyone we met, became a blood in our veins
February was a loosed adventure- we thread her path with tight minds,
trying to catch the wind with the wings of our voices
M- March
We were left with sad letters from time
A brother marched onto glory with spirited feets
Our cries became lost ravens, perching on windows of injured memories
March was the rose that carried the smell of the flowers we left at
our brother’s grave
A- April
There’s nothing here
– only girls, asking fate questions devoid of answers
– men skating on the surface of survival
April was a god, not after God’s heart- it took us on a voyage to
hell, with fire in our eyes
M- May
The year became a five month old child, crawling on hungry stomach
We sang songs of joy with sad mouths
We danced too close to our dreams, that our feets began to sank in
multiple grounds
May was beautifully carved by our destiny- it taught us to hold on,
till the final whistle is blown
J- June
We marked dreams that came to pass
And wrote new ones in our diaries
We regurgitated home, and hoped we returned someday with rainbow
colours to mama’s dark smiles
June was nature- we understood the language of birds, and how the
trees holds God’s voice in their whispers
J- July
We ran from the wars in our heart
To places where love is everyone’s art
We found love different from our father’s type
But, sometimes love is not love only when it is loved
July was like the back of the moon- it shines, but on the other side
of the world, it reminds us; ‘ not all that glitters is gold’
A- August
We were beaten by whips from unknown hands
Into shapes, sizes and textures
Father said golds are made golden through fire- August was the prove
Ember came through this door
To homes with unbroken walls
And left them, broken
September was one of the war we fought with defeated weapons
O- October
We met strangers who became brothers overnight
And girls who became the lightening in our blood
Life is not life without people by your side, incubating your smiles
in their heart
October was too poetic to be left without a poem- it reminds us of
times spent with Godlike creatures
N- November
– we built castles of lost and won victories
– star the stars that shined in the sky of our souls
– we learnt to create paradise in odd places
November was the shore connecting realities to fictions-both, have a
touch of life and sanity
D- December
It was a room filled with thousand faces, and the path that leads home
A place where goodbyes, housed every tongue
Where we wrote reports of times and memories
December was too short to be lived forever- it was the answer to why
good things don’t last, and the whys behind farewell
2017 was long, but short- it left us staring in awe, to the perfection
in God’s art
© Olabisi Abiodun Akinwale
Undiluted Poet


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