Read Poetry: WE R HUMANS by Gladys W. Muturi

Genre: Humanity

We are human beings living on the planet called “Earth”

We are young

We are old

We are the past, present, and incoming future

We are male and female

We are gay and straight

We are the winners that take all

We are the losers we fall

We are Black

We are White

We are Latinos, Asians, and all of the above

We are best friends, lovers, and enemies

We are one’s nation under God’s oath

We are alive and well

We are sick and dead

We are disgusted by our behavior

We are dumb when we make mistakes

We are smart when we pick up the pace

We are right from wrong

We are wrong from right

Right where we are, where were from, and who we are

We are forgiven

Forgiven our enemies on what they did to us

We are loved

We need to be loved

Don’t hate us

We’re not ugly

We are beautiful, beautiful people

We should love each other, not fight

We bleed red blood, but we are different

We are violent because we want blood

We are mad because we want more

We are sad because we can’t take it.

We fight because we want to start a war

We want to stop, but we can’t stop, we won’t stop

Why can’t we?

We need help, who can help us?

We are strangers

We shouldn’t hate strangers

We shouldn’t hate children, our children

We shouldn’t hate God

We are not monsters

We are humans that speak our minds

We are Americans loving our country

We are humans build to destroy

We hate lies, betrayal, and discrimination

We hate rape, murder, racism, and drugs

We want love

Hand in Hand

We need Hugs and Kisses

We are helpers helping one human being after the other

We are who we are

We are humans


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