Read Poetry: A President, by Latonia Sears

When I think of a good commander and chief
I envision a being of mankind to say the least
Who’s back is straight and his feet followed in suit A man with integrity and a real sense of pride for his country and the people’s rights too

He would speak directly from the hip with conviction, judgement and begin to hand out retribution. Not just be a puppet for some other teams responsibilities. Who truly understood the masses because he has really been listening to them

A person honest and fair someone who knows the difference between pride and racial prejudice who knows we are all equal and could be who we want to be because he is a true American who believed in justice and that will be the American way

A leader who stands by his people who wants the best for all of this country’s citizens no matter how old or young, rich or poor and ethnicity. Since all men will be equal and have only one profile to be To have a true pursuit of a happy life in this world that he lives in with you and me

Who always speaks for the people no matter who happens to be listening. A real knight in the role of a true king. Some one branded to fight and ward off our enemies. Yep that is what I see. My president the one who has yet to announce his candidacy still just a image I wish for in secret

A man with the soul and honor of the great ones who spirits live in silence and their thoughts are recounted with echoes of oh say can you see A person of distinction and more than self allegiance and bigotry my image of a president and not just one in particularly

Maybe one day we will see him the one with all of our best interest at hand the head honcho, the big khahuna. A man of our time who remembers the struggles before his and can respect that time . A man who can handle the pressure and not let it cloud his mind

Someone who can’t sell out to special interest or lobbyist Someone who can’t hang us out to dry with no real explanation or solution we can get behind Or what’s worse line his own pocket with death, destruction and mayhem at times, so many lies, so many lost lives

A person who knows their only human just like the lives he has been ordained to lead, protect, serve and bring through the hard times like a true leaders objective. While making sure all cival rights and liberties are observed as well as respected

A President beyond imagination the one we have been praying for together. A man who will literally carry the weight on his shoulders instead of what reality tells us. But it will remain something I was wishing for
Not exactly what I am getting of course

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