Read Poetry: 03:00, by Selah J’ne

I remember the first time it happened
The first time I laid awake crying and shaking waiting for someone to bust through the door and hold me but no one ever came
This became a cycle I’d cry out and I’d scream and I’d beg for help but no one ever came
I started to feel invisible
I started to feel insane
I’d convince myself these were nightmares the only problem was I couldn’t remember falling asleep
Sometimes I’d think about it throughout the day
I’d say hi to everyone I seen just to see if they’d noticed the change I noticed in me
I couldn’t close my eyes because flashes of my dying body would race through my mind
My heart would start beating out of my chest
Each breath I took felt like wasted time
I was living in a body that’s not mine
I was living a life that’s not mine
Something or someone is trying to breakthrough
Over time the nights grew longer and louder but I became more quiet
I no longer said hi not because I didn’t want to but because I couldn’t
My throat was sore from the screams nobody heard
My eyes were blood shot red as if they had red dye
Instead the other me was putting die in my head

Genre: Hurt

Author: poetryfest

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