Read Poetry: At This Hour, by Latonia Sears

One soul one heart one mind who was blind, twisted and hurt

It is very hard to tell sometime in the world at this particular time

As tragedy keeps a count of the lives in that have regretfully fallen

It seems stranger and stranger almost like a cancer and as in reality

Like the illness still no cure only uncomforting tears and unbelief

Everywhere we go lurks this unfamiliar danger fueled by anger and hatred

This earth of ours is really off it’s axis because this keeps happening

America is behaving like a third world country instead of the greatest

Mothers Majesty the home of the brave and the land of the free

Has this become the end of liberty and following your dreams till you grow

So many people young, old keep stifling others lives in this kind of violent protest and shame?

Torn hearts and broken minds and beings that have now become departed souls in time

Nothing making sense and the masses are on the verge of giving up on life

Americans being struck down when they did not ask for it just living life

So much first time drama appearing over and over again in our life

No tell, tell signs alerting any individuals to the coming of this devastation

That has taken a choke hold on our country, our home our nation

The place that has always been my home with no doubt only assurance

America the beautiful this land of peace and prosperity where hate has ran free

Archived by a host of earlier henchmen but this is a totally different type of indignity

It has no real ethnicity the only color that is making headlines is the color of death

I will hold onto the hope that one day this country can become a better place to live

America a place of refuge and good living damn near a paradise to some of us

I believe in my country and the stars and stripes our flag bears so brightly

A country where being free is a dangerous thing a matter of life and death again

Individuals taking their freedom to the extreme and not caring about their fellow man

So many people thinking selfishly acting like real dupes who feel hurt and won’t understand

Before we lay down to sleep this night say a prayer for the families who are in tears

Trying to figure out why their loved ones had to say their fond farewell, adieu

That love will hang a halo over their hearts let God send his angels to help dry their tears

Seventeen more who had so much potential an aspirations “ Their God given right”?

Yeah that is the thing about America these days a lot that is given isn’t about God

As four words continue to adorn American currency “In God We Trust” What?

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