Read Poetry: Ballad of the East Wind, by Mark Anthony Tierno

Author’s Note: The following was paced to the tune of Ghost Riders In The Sky.

I) In a place of long ago,
and not so far away;
A wind did there rose,
straight out of Ca-alay.
Swirl the wind did round,
up and over ground;
Then went it up and through,
and over, Ocean Blue.


II) Then across the way,
a hillock it did spy;
Upon which sat a man,
‘ere here to die.
He was a sage of old,
with much knowledge to be told.
So, did the wind swirl and toy,
and ‘pon the hill did form, into a boy.


III) His robe was spun in silken blue,
his hair of blackest night.
His eyes shine did like moonbeams,
his smile did twinkle bright.
Then towards yonder sage he did walk,
and bent down he for to talk.
Said he, “I cometh here to talk to thee;
please, listen you to me.”


IV) Now, the sage did look up,
with his eyes of grey.
Said he, “please let me die,
please if I may.”
But the boy in silk was undeterred,
said he, “I wonder if you’ve heard;
Of Faerie dust and Dragon’s Wings,
and the babbling brook that just but sings.”


V) Then said the old man,
“What are these to me?”
Spake the boy,
“I’ll teach you to be free!”
And then up in a mighty blur.
a Blue Wind he did stir;
To carry them up in windy hands,
for to see, of unseen lands.


VI) The Wind carried them onwards towards,
out East across the Sea.
Passed they through colored clouds,
and waves a-flowing free.
Then stopped they ‘pon a musiked land,
with candied trees near at hand.
Where Faeries with fragile wings blue hued,
did flit about, quite nude.


VII) The Silken Boy then showed the man,
many a magic sight;
From Cochel Shells with magic spells,
to dragons taking flight!
But said the old man, “how frail these things be,
they are but Fantasies to me;
Let me show you now of my home land,
Come, ’tis near at hand.”


VIII) The man then went and showed the boy,
of streets all filled with grime;
Of lands so filled with filth and puss,
But persevere the Boy did now,
not die, nor flinch, nor even cow;
Not he when shown how murder greets,
nor poverty in yon streets.


IX) The man did finally give it up,
and turned to the Boy and said;
“How can you resist it all,
come down ‘pon ’round your head?”
But the Boy did but wave his hand,
and blue mist cover did the Land;
And, when the mist did clear,
’twas Paradise come near.


X) The East Wind’s Boy then turned around,
and spake to him like mist;
“For the Secret of Reality,
but listen you to this;
Reality is what you will,
more fragile still ’tis than your hill.
For do you not it but deem,
’tis all, but a dream.”


XI) The man was whisked back onto,
his hillock, thence turned to cry,
“How may such a Land exist,” he cried,
“please before do I die!”
As the Wind turned to leave it said,
“This Land you seek is everywhere you tread;
You have but your self to make it True.”
and thence he turned, and bid adieu.


XII) The old man now is quite the Youth,
and dreams oft’ of Dragon’s Wings.
He makes the World a happy place,
and listens as it sings.
So, see if you a Blue Wind Fly,
please to hurry out and cry!
For it may take you to the Land that sings,
of Faerie dust and Dragon’s Wings.


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