Read Poetry: Fight!, by Young Deuces

Frustrated at the actions of the people who’s supposed to protect/
Frustrated that right now my skin makes me a logical suspect/
Frustrated that it’s 2016 & there’s still white people who will view me as a threat/
Frustrated that it can be me, my dad, my brother or my mother fucking seed that is next/
And please I apologize of the vulgar nature of my words/
But I’m frustrated at the fact this injustice still occurs/
I’m frustrated at the blind eye, the back and forth on my timeline/
I’m frustrated that we yelling but still our voices never heard/
Ignored by the system who says me as a person has rights too/
But how can you fight for a system when the system rather fight you/
Ignored by the media who sees first hand where the verdict may fall/
And instead of speaking with common decency they say “well the video doesn’t tell it all”/
Ignored by the cops aka worlds most dangerous crew/
Cause right now the crips don’t look like the worlds most dangerous blue/
Me being a black man, gives me more reason to be scared to get slained by the blue/
They say follow the guidelines and you’ll be safe I say shiiiiiitttttttt
How can I follow the guidelines when you keep changing the rules/
They scream…Hands up, I’m like nope don’t wanna get gunned down/
I can’t have a bag of skittles without getting gunned down/
I can’t have a hair brush in my pocket, if you ask me for my ID, I can’t reach for my wallet/
I can’t sell my mixtape, I can’t sell a cig wait/
I can’t sleep I can’t breathe I can’t be in my church or my crib/
I can’t be face down in the pavement with 2 cops on my back holding my hands, I can’t live!/
Nah I ain’t talking NORE I’m talking police/
Who has it in they mind it’s open season to in us down in these streets/
Nah I ain’t takin Nore, I’m talking the news/
Who always got an excuse for them boys in blue/
Is my own people going against my own people when all we need is unity/
My own people saying negative comments about my own people fighting for this community/
Is denouncing your race just because your shade made differ/
Cause in they eyes, light medium or dark we all still niggaz/
No matter your race now is the time to speak/
All lives matter yes, but right now black lives is catching the heat/
The police need help, help w/ training or maybe a better course/
So they can learn the gun is not your first option and should be the last resort/
Because the tv gone paint us as the villains/
Say our reaction came w/no cause to distract the world from the killings/
And I know You hearring our cries for help but instead of responding back/
You just sit and watch and wait for all of this to just pass/
But think, if you just stand up and say “This must stop, we gotta do better”/
We can stop the downpour and Prepare for the weather/
Think of the impact, if the police spoke to us all/
And said “those policed failed to do there job and will be punished by law/
Think if a judge took a stance and said enough is enough/
And didn’t give light sentences only ones that was tough/
Think of right now, and the trends that we see/
And how the law may say it now but it’s clear we ain’t free/
Think fight
Not with guns, but with a voice that’s clear speak
Think fight
Not with your hands but To wake people who is sleep/
Think fight!
Not the physical but for the right to live free/
Think fight
I’ll fight for you,so come and fight with me/

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Twitter/IG: @Young_Deuces


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