Read Poetry: Keep me off, but Remember ….., by Hira Sadhak

Keep me off from your party of glisten
Sound bit , song ,glass full of red wine
Friends are around, till affluence prolong
in pink world opens all wings of spring
Close the rank, changed all the narration
I will be away from exalted celebration

But remember me , when party is over
Disappeared all terminating you at a corner
When lighting clouds hovering over sky
Summer looming large ,thirsty earth cry
Don’t be pensive alone in autumn silence
To hold your hands, I will be there…

Remember me, if caught by Kalahari cyclone
in search of life looking for morning green
Or if caught in dark mid night lonely Amazon
Or crying for help in sinking boat ocean in cyclone
Volcano may erupt, fire in ice, breaking earth
I will be there to rescue with my last breath

Forget me when you have many to smile
But remember me when your soul cry in silence
I would put my hands on your reddish wounds
I will extend my palm to protect your tears,
Love is not mere a sign of word , yes or no
Life is not only an art of theatre show

Copy right@ Hira Sadhak

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