Read Poetry: MORBID DECEIVER, by Bob Mazzei

Morbid Deceiver

Oh morbid deceiver, speak of you this day
Don’t ladies look so dazed, keep yer grief at bay
So you noble gentlemen, of unnatural brave wives
Lots of wrongs for you, to do throughout your lives
You people on the bastions carrying burning weights
Reaping wheat afield, water cliff, cuts and waits
You brides to count for hours in full turquoise stay
In clotted haze to toil, the servant can’t say nay
Afflicted creatures’ pain to world you sadly take
The worm to kings impresses its badge and its sake
To You the pure breath that the world redeems
Be humankind obliged and blessed be your dreams
Let the guts be wrung, to such a tyrant so cruel
His lying tongue the Human will finally clog and rule
To this universal mockery, slayer asking glory
For indelibly inking with quantity any story
I address now my scorn, right away, I will not bilk
False treasurer your sweat he sucks like a milk
Ay, Lions he starts to dance on the sheep cot
Obsessed like a God by severe laws to rot
You care not of the slave, struck all of a heap
Since his idler master, you can buy dirt-cheap
So that their limbs and bones, you may both swell
By contempt and disdain, and more of your own spell
You to garnish lights of dawn and dusk alike
Out of foamy pride, yet you beguile and spike
Award to weak a power, and memory to the dead
Your vindictive justice for those who haven’t fled
You sink bravery for ungrateful won’t be still
Your bent lovers to kiss you oh dear being of thrill
Ill or the pits you state any life ought to live
Be your sword the canon to reign and to sieve
The Greek artillery in the desert you do murk
And there, the Roman authority religiously lurk
So that ruthlessly the deep night it may cast
And blind the dreamer who dared the cave leave fast
The refined you lead to their glorious grandeur
And hedonist boors to rude craze de rigueur
Ah, You banish the tempter, of war is fond your brood
Your fools and you to rag the earth, way wild and lewd
Warn folks beware at glancing over beyond the town
The gang of thugs at court would make your time drown
Bliss to forgoers, they deserve your abundance
Lo, mercy, peace, and your holy alliance
Human or inhuman, real or unreal? Ah, crowd
Let it have shining abode or macabre shroud
At the fine sewer of civil culture you commend
That the furious plebs want to make it end
Ah, unmindful and insolent, they are to scoff
Let ‘em fall in hands of the austere well-off
Oh, liberal father, fair torment be their luck
Crawling sly king, into the eternal’s gown ye tuck
Yet in a charming daybreak when all chains will go untie
Next to shark gods be left to share grave and woe… Goodbye

Genre: Philosophical, Political.

Site: (my column called The Future Inn)

Twitter: @bomazzei

Author: poetryfest

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