Read Poetry: On The Gates Of “Heaven”, by Shahbaz Khan

Is there where the gentle breeze blows?
Is there where the sparkling river flows?
Is this where Cupid hides?
Is this where happiness resides?

Nay, this is where storms rage!
Nay, this is where floods cause carnage!
Nay, this is where Orcus slays families!
Nay, this is where sadness causes casualties!

But I was told this was Eden,
That this is where food and wine are laden!
And I was told that this was where my sorrow ends,
Where the stream is clam, and there are no more tight bends.

Nothing but lies you speak about,
Happiness is a hoax, in that there is no doubt!
Deceit in the world is in plentitude,
There is only gain and loss, no favor and gratitude.

I hope in my heart that you don’t speak the truth,
That there is good, and not just poisonous fruit.
Though my mind knows I hope in vain,
Without my hope, all that will be left is pain.

Pray all you want my foolish acquaintance,
But there is no endless feast, no angel’s dance.
I am the Devil, and I speak the truth!
Is this barren land not enough proof?

It is, but I dare not accept this,
That heaven is none, and the Devil is all there is.
Tell me you lie, that across is where moonlight will shine,
A place serene, a land divine!

In your death you remain a believer,
But there is nothing but my fire, I alone give, and I alone am the receiver.
Inferno is all that is, and ever will be,
There is no God, no heaven to see.

I submit, my faith is yours,
I was fooled by religion, and the con-men’s folklores.
In “his” name I ate and slept,
Oh! What an ugly hand I’ve been dealt.

Fear not, for hell isn’t what they told you!
There is a fire, but to you, no harm it shall do.
It burns those who still walk with blind faith,
The fire is only their own wraith.

But then how are you any different?
From the God you resent?
You are Him, you are the same,
Enough lies! Stop this game!

I do not have people bowing down,
I do not give false hope, only to leave a frown.
I do not have books and monuments in name,
I do not want credit, for I nothing to meddle in your “game”.

You are right, and I know that too.
But to leave all my faith is something I cannot do.
So burn me in your flames, but I can’t let go.
No matter how much proof you show.

Then burn till eternity in this fire.
You chose this over dance and lyres.
The fire will devour you and your soul.
You’ll burn and heal forever, and you bones will be used as coal.

Genres: Devilish, Faithless, Lost Hope, Mythical, Theological

Shahbaz Khan

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