Read Poetry: Aurora Triptych, by Frederick Fullerton

Most people miss the magic pause
between night’s darkness and first light, 
hanging in brief limbo 
before daybreak’s gilded glow 
drives out the night 
with sunrise and brightens
all below while Venus still reigns
as a tiny crescent 
moon among winking stars.


Wildlife hastens a dawn retreat—
a fisher cat slouches across
a deserted two-lane road,
a fat skunk waddles lazily
deep into underbrush,
a coyote trio races
away in yipping harmony, 
a red fox strolls a sidewalk
like a man ambling home.


Amid this night and day duality,
morning’s first rumble of traffic
belches with car engines
and honking horns as commuters 
drive to and from their work
yet fail to discern the morning’s 
busyness at play, distracted
now by traffic lights and haunting 
tasks at desks and job sites
or home to sleep after night shifts.

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