Read Poetry by Tory Edana Talbott

I let the car take me wherever,
Without the slightest of care,
I let the road slip behind me,
And you remained here,
While I was there,
So far from you and the sun,
And its moon,
And the sea.

I had no thought of what to do,
So I cut myself with words,
And I let them bleed,
And bleed.
Not a soul could erase them,
They remained engraved within the year,
I moved the ones who read them,
As they shivered in fear,
And wept salty tears.

And even though we slipped through my fingers,
Staining my palms,
You still remained close and you sang me,
Your song.

You brought me back to face time and its keeper,
You reminded me that love makes you stronger,
Not weaker.

So I took a trip to see a tree,
With glorious lights,
So much greater than me;

I could almost hear the angels sing,
But then I told myself,
There’s no such thing.

But who am I to say,
That God does not decide,
The things we become,
Just before the day we die?

Who am I to call the dreams and schemes,
Of all the demons at play,
Are faked to make the bible,
Just a home for the lost to stay?

The car in which I ride,
Finally arrives,
And I meet my doctor,
For the first time,
In such a long while,
He tells me not to die so young,
Kid, you’re still just a child.

– written by Tory Edana Talbott

(genres: dark, love, inspirational, motivational)

Author: poetryfest

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